Patch 13.6 Notes: LoL Champions Got the Wrong Changes – Here Are the Real Ones

In Spot 13.6, which was presented on March 22, there were just a few champ lovers and nerfs, and of program, Aurelio Sol and Yuri got on the list. Furthermore, there were a couple of changes and changes to systems, consisting of Sea Drakes.

These modifications are fairly different from what was initial provided, so if you’re an Aurelio Sol or Yuri main, make certain to review over the correct LoL changes.


However, there was a blunder when the spot was released.


  • Missing Health Regeneration has been reduced from 3 to twelve percent to 2.5 to 10 percent.

Sea Drakes

  • Q Ally On-Hit Damages upon hitting an adversary with Q minimized from 10 to 20 (plus 10 percent AP) to 10 to 20 plus five percent AP
  • Q Cooldown minimized to 6.5 seconds at all ranks
  • Q MANA Cost has actually boosted from 50 to 75 to 50 to 100
  • Q The unattached Rocket Speed has actually been reduced from 1000 to 850
  • Q Boosted Rocket Rate has been minimized from 1900 to 1650
  • Q Max Array, in a straight line, has been lowered to 2000 1725
  • R Overhead Shield Period reduced from three seconds to 1.5 seconds, and the Bonus offer Friend resistances were removed during R.

Aurelio Sol

Therefore, both Aurelio Sol and Yuri have undertaken nerfs considering that their reworks, and also in Aurelio Sols case, he was also temporarily gotten rid of from the video game. In spite of the adverse feedback bordering these champs, they still perform remarkably well on the Break and also in the Howling Void.

Errors are a large part of life and also can happen to anybody, including large gaming business like Trouble Games. Over the previous couple of patches, gamers have actually experienced champions receiving buffs that have actually totally changed their win as well as choose prices, like Annie. And there have been 2 champion reworks that have actually been launched as well highly.

Aurelio Sol and also Yuri received the wrong changes, as did the Ocean Drakes. So, what are the appropriate adjustments?

  • Q Magic Damage decreased from 15 to 55 plus 30-90 per degree, plus 60 percent AP to 15 to 55 plus 30-80 per level, plus 60 percent AP.
  • Q Burst Pro Damage lowered from 45 to 65 plus 20-40 per degree, plus 35 percent AP to 45 to 65 plus 20-30 per level, plus 35 percent AP.
  • E Cooldown was decreased to 12 secs.
  • R Dropping Star Stun Duration and also The Skies Descend Knock Up Duration are currently one 2nd each.

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