Dragonflight Patch 10.1 Development Notes: March 14th – New Raid, Dungeons, Campaign and PvP Updates

A brand-new spot has actually shown up for this week’s PTR as we see a lot more course changes, in addition to the brand-new raid arriving with its own testing starting this Thursday. We likewise see all the dungeons become readily available, the project get added, in addition to a great deal of PVP, UI and also even more modifications!


Here are this week’s PTR notes for Cinders of Neltharion:


  • The Embers of Neltharion campaign is now available for screening.


Avernus, the Shadowed Crucible includes 9 boss experiences: Barbara, the Hell forged, The Amalgamation Chamber, The Forgotten Experiments, Assault of the Naval, Ashok, the Elder, The Vigilant Guardian, Oskar, Magma, Mirror of Neltharion, and Scale commander Margaret.

  • Raid screening begins this Thursday, March 16. View the PTR raid screening routine 21 for even more information.

After his death, these sites were shed to time, till currently. Currently, the champs of Zeroth must venture right into darkness and also make sure the crucibles harmful power does not fall right into the wrong hands.


After his death, these websites were lost to time, up until now. Now the champions of Zeroth need to venture into darkness and guarantee the crucibles harmful power does not fall right into the incorrect hands.

  • Numerous new side quest lines are currently readily available:.
  • A Swallows Tale from Effervesce in Loam (requires finishing Six Hundred Feet Under campaign mission).
  • Sludge Time Live from Senior Citizen Honey pelt in Loam (requires finishing Future Aspects campaign pursuit).
  • Computer mouse Detective from Warren in Hermits Hollow.
  • This Might Sting for Rather in Amalek Cave.


  • Interlope (PVP Ability) has been revamped– Misdirection now triggers your family pet to reroute the next 3 aggressive spells cast on your target. Misdirection cooldown raised by 15 seconds. Your pet dog must be within 20 yards of the target for spells to be redirected.
  • ~ ~ Developers note: Were still servicing this talent, so there may be a couple of pests with this capability in this week’s PTR. ~ ~.
  • MAGE.
  • Frost.
  • Frost Bomb (PVP Skill) surge damages boosted by 50%. Eliminating Frost Bomb prior to its explosion now gives a fee of Brain Freeze.
  • New PVP Talent: Phase Change– Enter the shadows when you cast Fade, preventing all attacks and also spells for 0.5 seconds. Interrupt impacts are not influenced by Stage Change.
  • Stage Change has been contributed to the Individual Source Show.
  • New PVP Talent: Outright Faith– Leap of Faith additionally pulls the spirit of the 3 furthest allies within 40 lawns and distributes health in between you and the influenced allies.
  • Eternal Rest (PVP Talent) has actually been eliminated.
  • Supplied from Evil (PVP Ability) has actually been eliminated.
  • Elemental.
  • Storekeeper increases Lightning Screw damages by 30% for Elemental in PVP fight (was 115%).
  • Casting Lightning Bolt with Surge of Power causes 1 additional Elemental Overload in PVP battle (was 2).
  • Lightning Bolt damage enhanced by 53% for Elemental in PVP battle.
  • Control of Lava (PVP Skill) has actually been eliminated.
  • New Skill: Volcanic Rise– Rises the damages of Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and also Lava Burst by 20%. Lava Rise rather lowers the actors time of your following Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, or Lava Burst by 25%, piling up to 2 times.
  • Improvement.
  • Th undercharge (PVP Ability) has actually been eliminated.
  • Scourge of Fragility (PVP Talent) has actually been removed.
  • Destruction.
  • Cremation (PVP Ability) has actually been removed.
  • Demonology.
  • Call Few Seeker (PVP Skill) has actually been removed.
  • Satisfaction via Pain (PVP Ability) has been gotten rid of.

  • Avenging Crusader has been redesigned– You come to be the ultimate crusader of light for 12 seconds. If Avenging Rage is talented, additionally enhances Judgment, Crusader Strike, and also auto-attack damages by 30%.

  • Interlope (PVP Ability) has actually been revamped– Misdirection currently causes your pet to reroute the following 3 aggressive spells cast on your target.

  • A ping computer animation has been included to the map when opened from the pursuit tracker, making it simpler to identify the quest location.

  • Fixed a problem where Hunter nameplate can vanish after making use of Feign Death.
  • Dealt with an issue where personal resource screen and also wellness bars can end up being removed or disappear.
  • Family pet Frame can now be moved independently of Gamer Structure.
  • The Edit Mode food selection has been rearranged, with a number of options currently hidden under Advanced Options.


  • The exposure toggle of the Lover as well as Rebuff frames have actually been integrated right into one checkbox, however their functionality continues to be the same.
  • Experience Bar will certainly stay visible if its already revealed when entering Edit Mode.
  • The Videos High quality area has been reorganized into tabs.
  • The Auto Self Cast and Self Cast Key settings have been combined into a single dropdown.
    If that Action Bar is made it possible for (they were formerly organized with each other under one section), Each Activity Bar now has its own key bind area that appears.
  • Mousing over a key bind row will certainly currently highlight the equivalent action bar switch, as well as vice versa.


  • Fatality Knight, Havoc Devil Seeker, Druid, Mage, Brew master Monk, Holy Paladin, as well as Security Paladin class armor collections are available for screening. Go To Setzertauren in Storm wind and Grammar to get the collections.
  • Class armor established details can be discovered in this responses thread. Please share insects you discover through the in-game insect reporting tool and also your feedback regarding the rewards in the responses string.



  • DRUID.
  • Equilibrium.
  • The 2nd Moon fire cast by Twin Moons no longer produces Astral Power.
  • Developers note: With the increase in Moon fire Astral Power generation from 2 to 6 in Ashes of Neltharion, this increasing of AP from Twin Moons is stronger than we plan. This adjustment makes it regular with Astral Power created by Gunfire.
  • Feral.
  • Took care of an issue where Sudden Ambush was not affecting Shred as well as Rake strikes during Berserk.
  • Repaired an issue where Flaming Fierceness was not extending the duration of Tigers Fierceness.
  • Upgraded summaries of Pouncing Strikes and also Blood talons to specify they raise the damages of your attacks for their complete duration.
  • Developers note: This duplicates the language from Tigers Fierceness as well as distinguishes impacts which photo their benefits at the time a damage over time spell is cast (Tigers Fury, Blood talons, Rake from Stealth) from those that only raise spell damages as long as they’re active (Saber tooth, brand-new Berserk).
  • Holy.
  • Retaliating Crusader has actually been revamped– You end up being the ultimate crusader of light for 12 secs. Crusader Strike and also Judgment cool 30% faster and also recover up to 5 damaged allies for 750% of the damage done, split equally among them. If Avenging Wrath is skilled, additionally increases Judgment, Crusader Strike, and also auto-attack damages by 30%.
  • Darkness Word: Death now has a 10 2nd cooldown (was 20 secs).
  • Self-control.

  • Withstanding Luminescence currently additionally minimizes the cast time of Power Word: Luster by 30%.
  • Power Word: Gleam currently has a spell school of Glowing (was Divine).
  • Shadow.
  • Shadow Accident damage minimized by 70%.
  • Darkness Collision now has a 20-second cooldown (was 30 seconds).
  • Fatality and Chaos Craziness generation decreased to 8 (was 30).
  • Death and also Chaos generates Craziness promptly rather than over 3 secs.
  • Darkness Word: Death now produces 4 Madness.
  • Death speaker trigger price boosted by 50%.
  • Death speaker currently increases the damage to Shadow Word: Death by 25% while energetic.
  • Death speaker currently briefly enhances the maximum costs of Shadow Word: Death by 1.
  • Death speaker no more causes Death and also Madness cooldown.
  • New Ability: Distorted Reality– Increases the damages of Feasting on Plague by 20%, yet Devouring Plague deals its damages over 12 seconds as well as its Madness expense is boosted by 25.
  • Intruding Shadows has actually been eliminated.
  • Devouring Plague instant damage raised by 75%.
  • Rise of Craziness has actually relocated to Elbowing in Darkness placement.
  • Rise of Insanity currently has a Spell Alert while energetic.
  • Psychological Decay currently updates the optimum period of Shadow Word: Pain and also Vampire Touch so that the remaining periods are much more quickly understood.
  • Elemental.
  • Flame Shocks resolve security from Control of Lava (PVP Ability) is currently a standard component of Fire Shock.
  • Enhancement.
  • Flame Shocks resolve defense from Control of Lava (PVP Talent) is currently a baseline component of Flame Shock.


  • MYTHIC+.
  • The continuing to be Dragon flight dungeons will certainly enter the fray:.
  • Bracken hide Hollow.
  • Halls of Mixture.
  • Andaman: Heritage of Try.
  • Belarus.
  • Four dungeons from previous expansions will certainly provide brand-new challenges to maintain the Mythic+ rotation fresh:.
  • Freehold, Fight for Zeroth.
  • The Under rot, Battle for Zeroth.
  • Neltharions Lair, Myriad.
  • Vortex Peak, Catastrophe.
  • Vortex Pinnacle will certainly be offered for testing in a future PTR develop.
  • Seasonal affixes remain in growth and also will certainly be offered for screening in a future PTR construct.
  • Dragon flight Period 2 Mythic+ screening starts on Thursday, March 16. Go to the feedback thread 21 for details.


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