Find Out What Your Favorite Weapon is in Sons of the Forest.

In the brand-new Survival game Children of the Forest there are a number of weapons that you can utilize to safeguard on your own against mutants and cannibals.

Which of them do you like to utilize?
The brand-new game Boys of the Forest showed up on Steam last week and also exploded on Steam and also Jerk like a bomb.
You finish up on a lonesome island and have to defend on your own against mutants as well as cannibal, who will more than happy to eat.
Obviously, you need weapons to efficiently fend off the intrusive fans.
There more than 20 of them in Sons of the Forest.
You have some right from the beginning, such as sticks or stones, others need to make others, as it should be in a survival video game.
They all have their advantages and disadvantages:
Some need ammunition or electrical energy
Some have long reach, others are only useful in close battle
For some you need products that you have to ranch
Some can just be utilized a couple of times
But they all help you with survival on the dreadful island as well as ought to not be missing in your inventory if you don’t wish to attack into the lawn swiftly.
Since Kids of the Forest is still in the very early gain access to, it can be assumed that the developers include more playthings in time.
Until then, you can inform us which of the weapons already offered are your favorites.
Here you can vote: You can hand in your voice in the survey device below.
Considering that there are over 20 various tools in Boys of the Forest, the several options is feasible with this survey.
You can vote for up to 3 of your favored weapons.
However, the option can not be turned around.
Now choose your TOP 3:
So hone your machetes, get your rackets out and tell us which weapons you favor to use in the Sons of the Forest.


What is the most essential thing for you in a weapon?
Does it have to be really strong or just slightly offered?
Do you use the block/parry?
Do you change between numerous weapons or do you have a favorite that always remains in the stock?
Compose us your solutions in the comments and enjoy voting!

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