Adin Ross Reacts to Andrew Tates Confirmation of Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Kick’s popular streamer, Akin Ross, recently reacted when Andrew Tate’s manager confirmed that he has lung cancer.
Akin Ross is a popular internet and streamer personality in the US.
Since May 2020, spectators and followers on Twitch have quickly obtained.
Some of its most reproduced games on Twitch are NBA 2K20, GTA V, Fortnite, etc.


On the other hand, Andrew Tate is a personality of the British-American Internet, former professional boxer and businessman.
After his boxing career, Andrew began offering payments and membership courses through his website and then jumped to the Internet.
Many people online described their comments from misogynists and was suspended from social media platforms for that.
It is no secret that Akin Ross and Andrew Tate know each other well.
He has expressed his interest in Andrew Tate, openly supporting Andrew Tate’s claims and even asking for the release of Andrew Tate from Romanian prison.
Akin and Andrew are so close that Andrew named Akin on the list of prison visitors.
But recently, some sources established that Andrew Tate has lung cancer, and Akin Ross reacted to this news recently in.
And in a YouTube video.
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Akin Ross reacts to the news of Andrew Tate’s lung cancer

A few days ago, some medical reports began to appear that suggested that Andrew Tate had an Andrew lung injury.
Later, according to reports, he traveled to Dubai to undergo medical treatments and tests.
After the news, many conspiracy theories began to appear online.
Some claimed that Andrew was pretending the diagnosis to escape from Romania’s prison, while others believed that the documents were false.
But, only a few hours ago, Desert published a publication in.
Of the Andrew Tate manager confirming his lung cancer.
The publication also said that Andrew Tate’s manager currently has nothing more to share.
In the publication, the manager said:
Ok, many people ask me if [The] the story of Tate lung cancer is true, he wrote in a publication through his Instagram stories.
Yes it’s true.
I was the one who led him to and from the hospitals in Dubai.

I have no more details to share.
After listening to this news, Akin Ross reacted on a YouTube video and in. In the publication of., Akin said:
They really just confirmed that Andrew has lung cancer.
Cancer shit, praying for my brother.
They release Tristan and Andrew Tate immediately.
They are innocent They really just confirmed that Andrew has lung cancer.
To shit cancer, praying for my brother ????.
They release Tristan and Andrew Tate immediately.
They are innocent
-Akin (@adinross) March 3, 2023,
As mentioned above, Akin also released an 8-minute video reacting when he learned of Andrew Tate cancer.
In the video, Akin read the tweets about Andrew’s lung cancer and said:
I’m not even joking brother, they could be trying to kill him brother.
This is bad, chat, he said before reading the rest of the tweets.
Are you not treating it?
They are not trying to make it out like that chat.
They are trying to end him brother.
You don’t understand how fucking that is.
Akin Ross also said he was supposed to visit Andrew Tate in the Romanian prison, but they denied the entrance.
I was supposed to go to Romania to see and visit Andrew, and they denied me access because it was a very big case.
You will show you how serious this is.
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