Simon Zoller Talks About His Difficult Year After Cruciate Ligament Tear on Fe: Male View on Football

I had a tough phase from the head: Simon Roller claims concerning the previous year, in which he was not just battling with a cruciate tendon tear.
For the brand-new episode of Fe: Man View on Football Anna-Sara Large and also Turin Knack satisfy the demonstrator of VFL Bochum deep in the west on Castroper Stra├če and also talk with him about his previous job.
Roller explains to the 2 hosts why he suches as to see himself at traditional clubs, exactly how authentic instructors aid him permanently and which teammates he might likewise call at night.
In addition, he offers really honest insights into a phase in which he entered every patch of fat, describes why he felt public stress at all degrees and which is why self-reflection is in some cases unpleasant.
The 31-year-old describes humorously why he was not the most pleasant youngster and why he tried to see football as his leisure activity as long as possible.
We also speak with Roller regarding women’s football.
He tells which players particularly appreciate how he assesses the problems in the lady’s Bundesliga and also why he locates the FIFA’s selection of sponsors for the lady’s World Cup wicked this summer.
February 202354: 53 mins

FE: Male # 16-Simon Roller

I had a heavy stage from the head.
This is what Simon Roller claims regarding the past year, in which he was not just having problem with a cruciate ligament tear.
Roller clarifies to us why he suches as to see himself at typical clubs, just how genuine instructors assist him forever and which team associates he could also call at evening. & NBS;& NBS; ####### FE: Man # 15-Laura Free access 01/27/2023 ####### FE: Male # 14-Maximilian Arnold 04.11.2022 ####### FE: Male # 13-Timo Baumgartner 09/30/2022 ####### FE: Male special-lea Schiller 16.09.2022 Extra podcasts The podcast can be called using the site and also apps of the and all typical platforms such as: – Notify – Apple podcasts – google podcasts – Amazon Music – Deezer – podium.

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