Phoenix Labs Resumes Its Freedom: The Story Of Dauntless And How It Became A Free-To-Play Monster Hunt

In 2014, a handful of veterans from Riot Games established the Phoenix Labs studio and a couple of years later on, the developer launched his first online game, Dauntless, a free-to-play title of monster hunts.


The video game was a specific popular success (20 million players registered), to the point of attracting the lessee of the Arena group, which scoffed Phoenix Labs for $150 million in January 2020.
According to VentureBeat, Lille between the 2 groups will end: Jesse Houston (the co-founder and historic employer of Phoenix Labs) is clearly purchasing his development studio with the supporter assistance, in order to emancipate from Arena.
Operation is clearly performed in great terms, however Jesse Houston defines what sin script in a job focused on releasing the complete potential of Lent reprise.
The quantity of the deal is not exposed.
We bear in mind that the funds obtained from Arena had notably been invested in the production of two subsidiaries of Phoenix Labs intended to satiate the advancement of brand-new projects-notably FAE Farm, a colorful multiplayer RPG expected next spring on Switch.

One could picture that these tasks are starting to take shape and that Jesse Houston is sufficiently positive in their prospective to desire to exploit them independently, without needing to share the fruits with a moms and dad business.

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