An Indie Gamers February: Exploring Sun of the Forest and Hogwarts Legacy

It is February full of masterpieces.
It hasn’t been long since the release of Horror Action’s Dead Space Remake, but before the afterglow, the launch of Hogwarts Legacy came to my nose.
Following that, ‘Austin like a dragon!
The drama is also about to be released.

Fortunately, in the indie game world, a game that is a masterpiece is expected to be released in February.
It is ‘Suns of the Forest’.
This is not only this.
Various indie games such as ‘Pharaoh: New Age’, which are remade in decades, ‘Perish’ and ‘Rusted Moss’ are completed.

Game Name: Sons of the Forest
Platform: PC
Release date: February 24, 2023,
Keywords: #Survival #Horror #FPS #Korean Language Support

The official sequel to the survival horror game “ Forest ” developed by the three-member indie developer End Night Games is scheduled to be released.

The stage of the game is an unknown island with mutations and cannibal rods like the previous one.
The player is an active soldier and must find a billionaire who has disappeared on this unknown island.
Naturally, the journey is not green.
Contrary to what I thought as a simple task, the mission is twisted from the start.
When I came to find a billionaire, the helicopter crashed in the attack of the cannibal, and my colleagues were scattered.
Luckily surviving players now searches for a bizarre island, finds scattered colleagues and billionaire, while dealing with mutations to find out the secrets of the island.

The first thing the player to do is survive.
Hunt fish and turtles near the beach to procure food, break the stick, make a firewood, cut a tree with an ax, and use it to build a camp to make a minimum preparation for survival.
The problem is that the cannibals do not leave it.
In the forests where you can cut trees, the cannibals are looking for their lives, and they don’t just leave them.
In addition to plundering the ingredients between the seats, they sometimes go to the camp itself.

Fortunately, they are more aggressively attacking players, but fortunately, the way to respond to it has also increased.
Unlike its predecessor, which had no modern firearms, ‘Suns of the Forest’ has all kinds of firearms as the setting that active soldiers have been dispatched.
This does not mean that it can be used unlimited.
Too powerful weapons fade fear.
The same is true of ‘Suns of the Forest’.
As ammunition is expected to be limited, most of the battle is likely to proceed in close battle as in previous works.

You can also get a glimpse of the new elements that were not in the previous work.
It is a fellow NPC and a season.

In the released video, you can see the women who are believed to be friendly mutations and men who are believed to be surviving soldiers.
Season is a new factor directly related to survival.
In winter, food and resources will be insufficient, and as a result, the probability of meeting the cannibals who are looking for food is increasing.

The interaction with the cannibal seems to have increased even more.
In the previous work, if you pray in the religion of the cannibal, you can solve the hostility, but in the Suns of the Forest, it can further threaten the cannibal.
Various response to the cannibal is interpreted.

‘Suns of the Forest’ is scheduled to be released on February 24 as a steam.
As you can say that you have upgraded almost all the previous parts, don’t miss this game if you are a gamer who has enjoyed the previous work.

Game Name: Perish
Platform: PC
Release date: February 2, 2023,
Keywords: #Logite #FPS

If you are a gamer looking for a speedy exciting FPS, this game may be the answer.
Item 42 is a stylish FPS ‘Perish’.

‘Perish’ is an FPS game with the concept of ancient Greek mythology.
However, strictly speaking, it is not a general Greek myth.
Most of all, as the player uses the weapon that the player uses, as well as the gun, it can be said that only the concept has been brought.
The player must leave the journey to go to the paradise Elysium after finishing the pain in the purgatory with the spirit of the flesh of the flesh in the purgatory.

Of course, the journey is not.
Above all, the monsters of the purgatory block the player with all their strength.
Ares’ weapons have 12 gods of weapons, but with this weapon, the journey is tough.


Players must also strengthen themselves in order to deal with more and stronger enemies and myth monsters.

The growth method of ‘Perish’ is similar to the general log ite.
If you kill the boss, three cards come out randomly, which can grow the character in the desired form, and in addition, it is possible to buy or strengthen a better weapon using the currency of the underworld, which has been knocked down and collected.
Depending on the situation, it is also a good choice to collect Ta rake and prepare for the next step.
If you die like a log ite, you lose almost everything, but Tanaka, which is kept in Pantheon, can be used strategically as much as it is left.

If you can’t do it alone, it’s a good idea to be with your colleagues.
‘Perish’ supports up to 4 people’s coop play.
In the Perish, such as the tanning cliffs of the Theseus, the devastated Operas temple, and the Volcanic casting of the Hephaestus, all kinds of harsh environments and bosses are ready to face the player.
Even though it’s hard alone, if you are with your colleagues, the journey will not be so hard.

It is a ‘ferry’ that combines log ite + stylish + FPS.
If you are a gamer looking for a quick game, you recommend this game as you entertain your eyes with hot action and exciting directing that may be the core of stylish.

Game Name: Pharaoh: A new era (pharaoh: a new ERA)
Platform: PC
Release date: February 16, 2023,
Keywords: #Simulation #Simulation

Classic Construction Management Simulation Game ‘Pharaoh’ is revived.
The main character is Pharaoh: The New Age, which is scheduled to be serviced by Risked Interactive as a public publisher.

The stage of the game is the Nile Basin, famous for being fertile in Egypt.
The player must become an ancient Egyptian god Pharaoh to lead Egypt’s development.
Of course there are many things to do.
Economics, internal and external trade, culture, health, agriculture, education, and other things need to operate cities and nations should be constructed and managed.
Nevertheless, there may be some missing parts.
In this case, various indicators showing the situation of the city should find out and solve what is the problem if the people are satisfied.
On the other hand, on the other hand, in a sense, in a sense, it is a monarch who is trying to be an unemployed state for the people.

It is also possible to build ancient tourist attractions, including pyramids and sphinxes that are indispensable for Ancient Egypt.
These ancient buildings have a variety of influence on the city.

Basically, the original elements are almost the same, but there are many parts that have been improved for the latest trends.
Not to mention the graphics, there was also a new element that was not in the original.
It is the Nile meter.
The original Nile River is flooded with a schedule and raises the fertility of the farm.
In Pharaoh: The New Age, it has been changed to be more comfortable by making the river flooding and it’s quality more intuitively.

Although it is a city construction simulation, the ‘Pharaoh: New era’ does not end just managing the city well.
There are allies around them and countries that have economic relationships, but some are aiming for Egypt, a fertile Hositamtam.
Preparations to face their plunder should not be neglected for a while.

The Pharaoh: The New Era, which remakes the construction management simulation that has a taste of an era, is certainly a gamer who tastes such a genre of simulation.
The only disadvantage is that it does not support Korean.
The only but fatal barrier will be a game that will take time.

Game Name: Rusted Moss
Platform: PC
Release date: February 2023
Keywords: #Metrobania #Shooting #Pixel Art #Korean Support

If it’s the most popular genre in the indie game world today, most of them will think of snake documents.
However, there is a genre that has become popular for decades before that.
It is Metro Bahia.
That’s why the Metro Bahia genre is not new in the indie game world.
It is not an exaggeration to say that there are many competitors.
In the meantime, there is a new game that challenges the challenge.
The main character is Rusted Moss, which is scheduled to be service.

With numerous competitors, Rusted Moss features two types of shooting and wire action.
It is not easy to travel around the ruined world.
If there is no proper road, there are many places where you can even go to the case.
It’s a world that has fallen, but it’s no problem for the protagonist Fun.
The magic wire allows you to move freely as if you are walking on an ordinary street.

Wire is not limited to simple means of transportation.
Sometimes it can be used as a weapon.
It is not possible to damage the enemy in itself, but it is used as an assistant means of attack.
It is also used in various ways, such as a sniper aiming for a fun in the place where the bullet is not reached, and pulling the enemy in front of the optimal distance when using a shotgun.

Another feature of Rusted Moss is the shooting.

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