What If Dragon Ball Was A B-Movie? Heres What AI Has To Say About It!

While the use of artificial intelligence for labor issues remains a controversial issue, this has not stopped fans to use these tools to create extremely bizarre works.
In the past we saw how a Live Action version of Shrek would look, and now a Dragon Ball type B movie created by artificial intelligence has been released.

Not long ago, the user known as Cuevas, shared a series of images created with artificial intelligence, where we can see how a Dragon Ball live action movie would look like, but type B, that is, with low budget, and with
Unknown actors, resulting in something funny, but charismatic.


Here we can see number 18 as a fairly normal girl.
However, Frieze seems to be created using the additional material of the Skeleton suit, while Roku is a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan’s movie.
Without a doubt, a fairly striking work.
In related issues, this would see androids 17 and 18 in real life.
Unequal form, the fusion between Roku and Mr. Satan is revealed.

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