The Death of Yuumi: League Patch 13.1B Seals The Fate Of One of the Most Controversial Champions in

Following yet another round of nerfs to the magical feline in Patch 13.1 B, Yumas win, select, and ban rates have actually all taken substantial hits in solo queue across all ranks, according to trends on OP.GG and U.GG. She entered the new season at the top of the ladder, much like where she invested most of the end of last year, her viability has fallen to levels comparable to when she was first released– which is specific to impact her professional play relevance.

This current wave of nerfs tackled nearly every aspect of Yumas set, from decreased base stats to passive changes and decreased efficiency when connected to an ally. Both of her play styles– the desired attach/detach to activate her passive and the more frustrating full-game AFK accessory– have actually been impacted, eventually leading to her now being one of the lowest-winning options as an assistance in solo line without being part of a premade team.


For those gamers who share a disdain for Yuri, its most likely that the Magical Feline will be away from our screens– both in our own video games and by means of broadcasts– for a while.

Considering that expert play has not yet shifted to Patch 13.1 B, it is unclear how heavily Yuri will be affected. The start of the year rekindled the Zero/Yuri pairing that had actually disappeared from the meta for a variety of months. But as pointed out in the patch notes, Riot is hoping that This nerfs will lastly suffice to remove Yumas prevalence at the greatest level of play– while in her location, the encouraging marksmen will likely continue to dominate.

Enthusiasts to Yuri following durations of underperformance have historically not been the greatest decisions given that she merely pops back up in expert play with the tiniest number modifications. It is expected that Yuri will remain in this weak state till her rework, which was formerly exposed but does not yet have a release date.

One of the most controversial champions in the history of League of Legends appears to have lost her last and ninth life with the most current spot of the game, potentially even eliminating her completely from the game for a number of months.

While Yuri remains one of the most hated champions ever released within League, her dominance within the video game fails outside collaborated or professional play. Games do not frequently last enough time for Yuri to become a considerable threat or groups do not mess around the enthusiasts Yuri supplies. Yet her win rate has actually likewise had a hard time due to her restriction rate being so high, removing her practically totally from solo line video games throughout all ranks for months.

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