Steph Curry Shuts Down Reporter With Hilarious Response To Poor Question

Steph Curry is known for being one of the funniest and most charismatic athletes out there, so it comes as no surprise that he can shut down a reporter with an epic response. In this article, we take a look at Steph Curry’s latest interaction with a reporter and his hilarious response to a poor question. Read on to find out what he had to say!

Steph Curry is understood to make some funny anecdotes during his interviews. Nevertheless, this specific event including a reporter asking how often he speaks to his wife Ayesha Curry after video games should have to be kept in mind of.

Curry’s vibrant with Ayesha has been exposed numerous times. Whether it is with concerns to how the superstar has actually reacted to jibes directed towards his partner or otherwise, the two have been quite strong in supporting each other.

Frequently seen with his other half Ayesha and his kids at games, the Curry household has actually definitely provided fans some heartwarming memories.

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry is known for being the best shooter the video game of basketball has actually ever seen. However, he is likewise understood to be rather the devout spouse and parent.

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With this in mind, an occurrence with a press reporter throughout the 2020-21 season laid the grounds for an amusing Steph Curry quote. Coming off an incredible resurgence win, Curry was inquired about a tweet that Ayesha made after he struck a late-game three-pointer.

When inquired about how frequently Curry talks to his other half after games, the superstar reacted with a dumbfounded expression stating:

After a couple of giggles shared in between the gamer and the media crew, Curry added:

Ayesha’s tweet definitely amassed a great deal of attention due to Steph’s tremendous performance against the Heat on the night. With the Warriors’ superstar scoring 25 points in addition to making the most essential shots of the game, Curry led the Warriors past a powerful Miami group.

Steph Curry’s late-game heroics versus the Miami Heat

While the game began off in a rather competitive manner, Miami retreated late in the first quarter. They built on this lead and maintained it for the better part of the game. However, a late fourth-quarter surge stimulated by Kelly Outre Jr. and Curry saw the Warriors bridge the gap and force the video game into OT.


OT is when things got intriguing for the Warriors. After nearly 2:30 minutes of lack of exercise, Jimmy Butler broke the deadlock with a driving layup. This was right away followed up by a Kent Blakemore jumper to tie the video game.

In a rather snake-bitten season for the Golden State Warriors, Curry became the brilliant spark for the fan base yet once again. Delivering breathtaking efficiencies night in and night out, Chef Curry pertained to Golden State’s rescue in this game against the Miami Heat as well.

After Bam Debate took a shot to tie the video game at 109 each, Curry shot a deep three to crush Miami’s spirits. This was followed up by another three by Wiggins off of Steph’s assist.

Having led them to a champion last season, Steph continues to be the driving force behind the Golden State Warriors. The very same can’t be said for this season as the Warriors fall behind with their superstar out of the rotation.

Blakemore continued to lead the way as he scored another basket shortly after. This led the way for the Golden Kid to shine.

Hoping for a speedy healing, the Warriors find themselves in a position to survive and compete for a Play-In position.

While Miami made it close with another three-pointer, Curry sank another heartbreaker of a three to extend the lead to six points. After sinking 2 FT’s to ice the video game, Curry brought the Warriors a win at Chase Center from virtually nothing.

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OT is when things got fascinating for the Warriors. This was right away followed up by a Kent Blakemore jumper to tie the video game.

While the game started off in a rather competitive way, Miami pulled away late in the very first quarter. They developed upon this lead and maintained it for the better part of the video game. A late fourth-quarter rise spurred by Kelly Outre Jr. and Curry saw the Warriors bridge the space and force the game into OT.

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