The Scariest Spider-Man Game Ever? Heres Our Review

The independent addict of the brilliant Spider-Man Spider-Man: Miles Morales offers more splendor, with a few new game mechanics and winter atmosphere.


Marvels Spider-Man’s PC version is certainly personally for myself this year’s game, so I won’t choose anything when Miles Morales offers more similar gaming experiences with a few twists.
This time the main character is younger Miles, and although the city is the same as in the previous one, this time it is lined with spectacular snow and ice.
Snowy New York manages to look almost even more epic than in the parent game.

It’s younger and watery more awful

In the Spider-Man Remaster, I was confused by Peter Parker’s face.
Peter is portrayed along the game as a slightly older guy who is no longer a teenage boy, but his face Better seemed very young.
This is, of course, because Sony decided to change Peter’s face to a slightly younger actor for Remaster, surely inspired by Tom Holland’s role;
In the original PS4 version, Peter looked older.
This was the only thing that I had an experience in my experience.
Miles Morales, on the other hand, is a really gold-hearted teenage boy with all his teen’s tips, and it makes the character a different, but still, as a Spider-Man.
Sound actor Nadja Peter also really hits her job, and Miles interact with her family and peers is fun to listen to.
And I can’t help but smile when Miles in their cuddly outfit tries to sound like a parent when talking to a variety of people.
Miles has just gained power and finds that as the game progresses, it also has a couple of surprising power that Peter does not have.
These include Venom Bunch, which resembles an electric shock, and the ability to become invisible for a moment.
At first, one could imagine that these new abilities would make the game easier, but the game makers have also added a nice challenge to the fields, so the experience is nicely balanced.
On top of the RTX, the windows also stand out.

smoothly-acting racing effects are cherry on top of the cake

PC owners are again caressing with brilliant Ray Tracing effects.
The game looks perfect even without, but now that there are huge windows in the ring, those effects really bounce on the eyes.
Snow and ice effects are as high quality as Red Dead Redemption 2, if not better at times.
After the release, the game has already received a couple of patches, and the gameplay has been made nicely without any bigger jerks.
For myself, I only used the RTX 2060 graphics card when playing, that is, the poorest rebellion that Ray Tracing runs, but I was able to set the RTX settings for the medium without starting to get too much.
Of course, with a better mill (and a bigger screen or TV), there would be more eye candy.
But like Hams Remaster, this game also works on a weaker machine and still looks very much.
RTX also creates a really beautiful mirror effect on the ice.
Fortunately, the stunning forces prevent slipping.

A successful Christmas theme that doesn’t even annoy

Miles Morales sets up in New York for Christmas, and even though Christmas is not the main theme of the game, I wanted to say a couple more words.
Namely, the game deals with Christmastime just fine.
Because of the good writing, Christmas is not too much, and it does not seem like a force.
Actually, the word Christmas is not said in the game, but in Brooklyn, for example, people wish each other a good Hanukkah, good saints or good what you spend, as a street traveler shouted.
Still, the game seems to be a warm Christmas story.
Christmas comes to the work with the feeling and the interaction of people, not by rubbing the face.
Miles is indeed an independent add-on, that is, it has to be purchased entirely as its own product, but only takes about half the Spider-Man: Remaster’s playing time.
However, the output is really high quality and a great addition to the already awesome Have.
Full score and nothing more than wait for the sequel.
The PC people will have to wait longer, but it’s not worth it again.

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