The Future Of Streaming: The Twitch Recap 2022

The future of streaming is looking a lot different from what it used to be. Gone are the days of grainy, blurry streams and unreliable viewers – instead, you’ll find high quality content, reliable and vibrant streams, and fans that are more dedicated than ever before! Find out how much Twitch has changed in the last 10 years and streamers that have been around since then that you might not know about in this article!

The year is concerning an end and the season of the yearly reviews is in complete swing.
Twitch is also part of the celebration and provides yourself a take a look at some statistics under Twitch Recap 2022.
We at Mango reveal you what remains in it and where you can discover your recap.
What is the Twitch Recap 2022?
In recent years, Twitch banners and their audiences have actually supplied evaluations of their time on the platform.
Some insightful info can be discovered in the back views.
Amongst other things, spectators can see how many hours they have seen and which channels were particularly high for them.
For streamers, on the other hand, it may be intriguing to see how active they were in 2015 and the number of followers and customers they might reach.
Twitch likewise shared some statistics about the usage habits of the neighborhood as a whole.
In addition to the total time that was streamed and seen in 2022, there are leaderboards with the most popular categories and Emotes.
Where can I see the recap?
The Twitch Recap 2022 was announced on December 13th.
In order to get the community review and an individual summary, you simply need to follow the link from the tweet.
The link should lead you to your Twitch review.

There you just have to log in to your Twitch account, offered you are not already registered.
2 tabs are available: neighborhood and viewers.
With them, you can change in between the basic and personal review.
Problems like in 2015, when some viewers could just see their review when a certain alert setting was triggered, are not to be expected.
However, if the link does not work for any factor, you can discover the wrap-up on the homepage:
Check out the Twitch homepage
At the bottom of the screen you ought to see pop-up, on which it states: The Twitch summary is here!
A click on the Program me button leads you to the side of the recaps

What remains in Twitch Wrap-up 2022?

What does the recap bring?
Banner and spectators share their yearly reviews on Twitter.
While some use their summary to thank their communities for their minutes together, other teachings pull out of their wrap-ups.


The German Lets Player Erik Range is amongst the largest streamers on Twitch as Growth.
In a tweet he thanked all viewers, in whose recaps he appeared.
With the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 there is another method for you to review the year 2022.
There you can see, amongst other things, what and how much you played in the end of the year.
Here you can find all information about the year review:
Yearly review of PS5 and PS4-now see your hours in the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022

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