Pokemon GO: Finally a sensible view for the inventory.

Ever experience the frustration of not being able to find the Pokémon you need in the Football inventory? It’s a serious problem, especially for those of us who are avid players. In this article, we’ll explore what Pokémon GO’s developers are doing to address this problem and why it might be one of the best changes to the game so far.

The Pokémon GO neighborhood is thrilled, at least in parts.
Since with the last version update of the Pocket Monster Samuel app from Ni antic, APK 0.257, a brand-new switch was contributed to the inventory.

It permits you to switch from a list to a grid that is not only more space-saving, however also abbreviates the eternal scroll through the item bag.
You change the view in the bag on the leading right over a switch.


However, according to the authors of Pokémon Go Center, the feature appears to be an A/B test.
You may have the current variation of the video game on your device, but can not see the switch.
If the developers of Ni antic have discovered out whether the brand-new feature will arrive at the gamers, maybe the coaches without a switch have to wait for the next variation.

increase in the upper limit for item bags and Pokémon box

The designers of Pokémon Go also seem to have increased the ceiling to broaden your stock and your Pokémon box.
The news was spread out through the German authorities Twitter account that you can now collect up to 5,200 items in the bag which you are likewise area for approximately 6,200 pocket beasts in your Pokémon box.
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This info was not shared through the English-language account, but why should the managers of the German Twitter channel tell nonsense?
As normal, you can not anticipate a decrease in the Poke coin costs for product bags and Pokémon storage in the store.
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