NBA 2K23 MyTEAM: Zen Pack Released

It’s not very often that we are given the opportunity to talk about sports in the workplace. So when this pack was released, I wanted to share it with everyone here at Virtual Fandom. The Zen Pack is one of the best options for anyone looking to make a team of their favorite players and take them into competition.

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NBA 2K23 Team: Zen Pack players

Zen Load Three-Part Challenge

Along with these players, comes a three-part obstacle that will reward you with a totally free Zen Load upon finishing each of its three tiers. Each part of the difficulty does increase in problem, making you make the free pack you can secure.

With the winter gradually kicking into equipment, comes a sense of quiet and tranquility as the days get much shorter and the snow provides a blanket over the sounds we experience in life. Well NBA 2K23 felt it was just fitting to introduce a brand-new pack based upon this very theme for their Team neighborhood, calling it the Zen Pack.

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On that note, here’s the complete list of new players and obstacles of the NBA 2K23 Team Zen Load.

NBA 2K23 released the new pack in-game today at 11AM ET/ 4PM GMT, presenting a set of seven new players (nine cards in overall) that have actually proven to be some of the most calm and gathered talents the NBA has seen.

NBA 2K23 Team: Zen Pack players

The NBA 2K23 Team Zen Pack Included gamer is one of the best centers to ever play the video game, Shaquille Oneal.

Featured Gamer

Throughout his prime, Shaw was essentially untouchable in the paint and gobbled up rebounds like no other. His emphatic dunks and tenacious blocks are still a few of the best to this day, and NBA 2K23 felt it was just justified to honor his tradition by making him their featured player of this pack.

Galaxy Opal (97 Overall).

In addition, this Oneal item is the very first highlighted pack gamer to receive a 97 total Galaxy Opal card in NBA 2K23. All others consisted of 95 or 96 overall pink diamonds. Because Shaw is the highlighted gamer, he likewise comes with a Diamond and Amethyst version.

  1. Shaquille Oneal (C).

Pink Diamonds (95-96 General).

  1. Grant Hill (SF/SG).
  2. Carmelo Anthony (SF/PF).

Diamonds (94 Overall).

  1. Shaquille Oneal (C).
  2. Lauri Marianne (PF/SF).
  3. Hurl Bailey (PF/SF).

Amethysts (91 Total).

  1. Shaquille Oneal (C).
  2. Russell Westbrook (PG/SG).


  1. Jonathan Kunming (SF/PF).

Zen Pack Three-Part Difficulty.

Zen Challenge– Part 1.

Without more ado, lets scope out all the obstacles you will require to finish opening a complimentary Zen Load in NBA 2K23 Team:.

The brand-new Zen Load includes a three-part obstacle that provides fans an excellent chance to make some extra benefits. Once you finish all 3 tiers of the challenge, you will get a complimentary Zen Load.

  1. Play Triple Risk game to 21 points versus Amethyst Zen theme group on semi-pro.
  2. Win the video game.

Zen Difficulty– Part 2.

  1. Play Triple Threat game to 21 points against Diamond Zen style team on pro.
  2. Win the video game and record 2 dunks with a gamer.

Zen Challenge– Part 3.

  1. Play a four-quarter game (5 minute quarters) against Zen theme group on all-star.
  2. Tape-record 12 rebounds as a team.

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