NCsoft Is The First Domestic Game Company To Be Added To DJSI Korea Index

NC soft (CEO Kim Taejon, NC) was the first domestic game company to the Korea Index of ‘2022 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DGSI)’.

DGSI is the world’s largest financial information provider, S & P Dow Jones Index and Global Sustainable Management Evaluation Agency, S & P Global Swiss SA, every year.

The 2022 DGSI Korea Index included 52 domestic companies, 25.4%of the 205 evaluated companies.
NC (NC) is the only game company.
NC (NC) has been recognized for its positive achievements in the fields of privacy and information security, human resource development, and ESG management data disclosure.

In addition to incorporation of the DGSI Korea Index, NC is continuously recognized for its excellent achievements from domestic and foreign ESG evaluation agencies this year.


NC (NC) obtained a comprehensive A grade for two consecutive years in the ESG evaluation of the Korea ESG Standards (KCGS), which was announced in November.
It is the highest grade among domestic game companies.

The 2022 Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) ESG, released in October, earned AA grade.
Following the previous year’s A grade, it has risen one stage this year.

AA grade is the highest among ‘Media & Entertainment’ industry and global game companies.

NC (NC) PRO (Principal Corporate Brand Officer) said, The excellent evaluation received from domestic and foreign ESG evaluation agencies is the result of not only management performance but also the ESG’s willingness to practice and efforts.
We plan to implement ESG management tasks based on the right pleasure, digital responsibility, and social leap.

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