Is It Possible To Turn Off The Fighting Announcer In Crisis Core?

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core represents the Final Fantasy series as a prequel to the Final Fantasy VII.
As you pass the plot, you will participate in numerous hostilities, each of which will begin with the announcement of the announcer about the beginning of the battle.
Since this can be repeated, especially at the beginning, you may be interested in whether it is possible to turn off the fighter of the battle in the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

Is it possible to turn off the fighter of the battle in the FF7 Crisis Core?

There is no answer-you cannot turn off the fighting announcer in the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
This means that every time you enter the battle, you will hear how it announces the activation of the combat regime and conflict is resolved.
You will have to listen to this throughout the game, and, unfortunately, it bothers you.
You get used to this after a while and can quickly accelerate in battle as it moves forward.


This will reduce this irritation, but it will still be present.

However, you can avoid some combat clashes, preventing the announcer from interrupting your game.
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