Ramattra Overwatch 2: Skill Guide and how to play with the new tank

Mantra is Overwatch’s new hero 2 heroes is the first rhythm tank of the Blizzard game: he can change shape during the match through his ultimate. Leader of the null sector in the game’s narrative, Mantra arrives with OW2 season 2. He joins Queen Junker, Sojourn and Kirk as one of the characters who reach the continuation of Overwatch.

With that in mind, MGG azil has created a guide on how to play with Mantra. The new defensive hero has a very private kit, check out his skills and how to play.

What is Mantra’s story in Overwatch 2?

Mantra is a LED by the NFL sector, an antagonistic group to the Overwatch team, and was created to take the om nos to the war. Nevertheless, their desires consist of protecting and gaining a better life to their people. After the war he tried to follow the path of peace and be able to coexist with humanity.

Surrounded by trauma and the death of his people, Mantra began to lead the revolution, wanting the best for his people at all costs.

MANTRA Skills in Overwatch 2

How to get Mantra in OW2?

Mantra can be unlocked free of charge on the 55th of the SECOND BATTLE PASS OVERWATCH 2 or in the premium battle pass 1.

How to play Mantra on Overwatch 2?

Despite a defensive hero, Mantra has a powerful skill kit and remembers-in a way-Doomfist’s gameplay. This means that you need to have an offensive posture when deciding to play with him.

Opting for Mantra means that the player cannot act as if he was with the highly defensive Reinhardt, it is necessary to help the team in damage and have a posture of conquest-this makes it very useful in maps to achieve objective and carry load.


Synergies and weaknesses will be added in the future by MGG azil, when the gameplay of the new heroes is exploited.

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