Genshin Impact Fontaine: Everything we know so far about the Hydro nation

We barely arrived in Summer and Genshin Impact fans are already looking forward to the next region.
Apparently, the next route the traveler must pass will be by Hydro, Fontaine.
Little is known about the fifth nation that should be unlocked with the end of adventures in the city of Pedro, but the community is already eager to know all the possible information.
Hoovers has not yet made many revelations, such as history, characters, mechanics and more.
However, fans are quick to capture any mention of characters’ dialogues, small details in trailers and leaks.
We have gathered in this article everything that is known about Fontaine so far, check below:

What do we know do we know Fontaine?

Fontaine is the region protected by Locales, the goddess of justice and arcane Hydro.
Little is known about her so far, but Locales is not one of the original members of the seven, having received the title after the death of the first arc once.
The appointment was not so friendly, since the Ocean ids who served the original did not accept the goddess and spread around the world, exhausting themselves.
But it seems that the personality of arc once is not the easiest, reflecting on the current situation of the Hydro city.
The goddess is described as someone who seeks justice at all costs, no wonder this is one of the names by which she is known.


From the descriptions, we can assume that it appears to be merciless and considers itself above others by the way one of its lines arose in the description of the scanned Laura gem, even if it considers itself someone who can also be judged.
My ideals are untouched.
I need to correct you.
People here do not make mistakes before the eyes of the gods… Only the law and the court can judge someone.
They can even judge me.
So praise my magnificence and purity.
Since all regions are inspired by places that exist, the Hydro nation must have elements that refer to France, as well as Trauma with Japan and Life with China.
From its name to the city’s description, Fontaine has similar points to French culture, for example, its residents wear clothes similar to those dressed in French cities between the 1900s.

The region is described as the center of East’s culture and arts and is proud of it.
In some game dialogues, we know a little more about the place, Francis, an NPC merchant, described her as true beauty and elegance.
Mona is a columnist of the Fontaine Court, indicating that they have writers from all parts of East.
NPCs have also described the region as highly technological, including hydroelectric dams, making it the nation more developed in terms of innovations.
However, it is easy to imagine that these technologies reflected in much pollution.
But the energy system is deteriorating, and it is important that they find an alternative, Bertrand explained that for some it is no longer a good place to live.
In addition to arts and technologies, the region is known for its court, as arc once is named as the goddess of justice.
Locales is proud of the institution and believes that everyone can be judged by it.
According to the Tatar Tales Mission, the body of judges is mostly or fully formed by women.
Regarding the location, apparently Fontaine will be located above Life and near the Storm terror Track.
The only city mentioned so far is petrichor, described by Xavier to the traveler in one of the missions.
According to him, there is a majestic waterfall in the place, well what is expected of the Hydro region.

Fontaine residents

Lynette and Luna are characters that should be playable with the arrival of the new region.
The duo was first presented in Chapter IV: Fontaine of the Teasvat-Trilha Chapter Teaser.
As they wear very extravagant and different clothes, it is believed that they can have relationships with the circus.
It is rumored that they are sword users, Lynette would be Cry and LyneySeria Hydro.
In addition, both can come together as playable, being one character.
In this case, the skill would be the exchange between them, while the Supreme would make them attack together, focusing on the reaction to freeze.
This junction of the characters should be possible, since according to rumors, one of them is a puppet controlled by the master.

Other leaks

The region may be a little distant from being unlocked, but accounts known for leaking information about the game has already given some clues than players can expect.
@Genshinblank has revealed that a location called Penuma will be released and is related to water mirages/illusions, with great chances of being related to the Ocean ids.
But it is not known whether it will be fixed or exclusive to an event.

A new character was also discovered and possibly released in version 3.8.
The hero will be a Hydro Spanish user named Routine.
When the list of Character Names of Summer leaked, Routine was among them, but their characteristics are still considered questionable.


Summer has been unlocked in Patch 3.0, is still a recent region and many stories should be developed, as well as new characters awaiting, by the list of leaked names, players can expect news to version 3.6 or 3.7.
There are no confirmations about Fontaine’s release date, perhaps between update 3.8 to 4.0, which may be available in mid-2023.

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