Bradys Bucs lose after return from Munich

In the United States Profiling, the team around the seven-time Super Bowl champion lost on Sunday with 17:23 after extension at the Cleveland Browns.

The German-American Equanimeous St. Brown and the Chicago Bears needed to handle great hardship. At very first stem quarters back Justin Fields failed because of a shoulder injury, then replacement man Trevor Simian got muscle issues and also had to fit. With number 3 Nathan Peter man, the Bears lost 10:31 at the New York Jets.


Cleveland adjusted quickly before the end of the regular season at 17:17 and forced the overtime. Nick Chubb succeeded in winning the touchdown. Tampa won the first NFL video game on German soil 2 weeks back in the Allianz Arena against the Seattle Seahawks (21:16). This was followed by a free weekend for both clubs. Brady threw two touchdown passes in Cleveland, the Bus are now in five wins and six defeats.

Football star Tom Brady got a bitter defeat with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the very first NFL deployment after returning from the best in Munich.

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