How to activate a UAV tower in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

The new DMZ mode in War zone 2.0 can be a terrifying place for those who are not ready to face the challenges it presents, not to mention that the map is very overwhelming to read at first glance. Here is a quick advice to make it a little easier for you, and it comes in the form of an old and reliable UAV. This is what you need to know about activating a UAV tower in the War zone 2.0 DMZ.

Activation of a UAV tower in War zone 2.0 DMZ

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To activate a UAV tower, you must first find 1. Open your minimal, look for the UAV tower icon and ping your location, so you can travel to it.


From there, go to the UAV tower. Once you make sure that the area is free of enemy personnel, you must find the location of the tower, which tends to be in a place elevated to the one you should upload. The UAV tower is activated by a computer, and must press the corresponding button to start activation. Once completed, it will scan all enemies in your immediate neighborhood for a brief period.

Acting the UAV tower is a simple process, but keep in mind some things when you opt for one of these. Like many events in the game, the successful activation of a UAV tower will alert the enemies near the end, so be sure to keep your guard high. When the tower is activated, the enemies of AI will appear as contours of red diamonds, while the player controlled by the player will appear as solid red diamonds. Finally, once the UAV tower ends up scanning, it can be used again.

That is all you need to know how to activate a UAV tower in the War zone 2.0 DMZ. Next, you will find a lot of related content to help you get those sweet victories. Check out this statistics tracker to see your classification, the best load for the Lachmann-556 or how to verify your FPS in the game.

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