When is PrimeApe studying Rage Fist in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?


Primate is one of the first 150 Pokémon of his favorite franchise, which makes his appearance in the latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet a beautiful sight. Part of what makes the addition of this Pokémon is so wonderful is his new, third evolution of Pardon, Annihilate, and the various characters that he can possess. One of the things that is required from Primate to turn into Annihilate is the acquisition of a certain movement. This technique is called a fist of rage, and it can be mastered by a natural increase in the level in the same way as you study most other techniques. So, at what point of your journey Pokémon Primate will study Rage Fist?

How to teach Primate Rage Fist in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Primate can learn Rage Fist when it reaches the level 35. You can do this with a natural increase in level or give it Rare Candies to increase its level. In addition, you can also give him EXP. Candy of different sizes. This will quickly increase the experience of Pokémon, and also accelerate the increase in level.

To develop in Annihilate, Prime ape must use Rage Fist 20 times in different battles. As soon as this number is achieved, the KAT scene will follow in which Primate will turn into Annihilate. It is important to note that you can use a fist of rage only ten times before you need to restore it. You can restore Rage Fist by visiting the Pokémon Center or providing Pp Up Pokémon.

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