LOL: Four gladiators take the victory in Supercopa Flow, 9z, Wa, Leviatan and Boca advance

A start of playoffs within the flower Super cop that has very ready teams to show their strength in each of the maps that will have to play, the first dates were chaotic with the demonstration of skill of each of the Argentine teams, now It will be seen who will take the points of this date to be able to advance within the competition in a better position.

Starting with the duel between Leviathan against Undead BK that would have a great sample of game quality on both sides, but it would be the pair of the lower sea lane that came out ahead with an Real in the hands of Nothing that manages to harass the Contrances several times to have the advantage in the duel and make the opponents fall little by little to get victory.

During the second game Salinas Gaming would face WAP Esports where the use of a Pike in Ply, the advantage was noticeable for the WAP team that would rise with the triumph of this battle.

For the third stage we have 9Z against Ebro Gaming that would put an alkali in the hands of thermos with which it would cause a large amount of ravages in combat to be able to make the rivals fall, with an afloat we see how the purple squad Take control of the situation and that with great use of its composition we see how they manage to place themselves with the point of victory.


Closing the duels we see Boca Juniors Gaming against Newell’s Esports who fought finally in this tournament but the selection of a Iago for Shook would be a priority within the contest to be able to win it priority of the lines and the objectives to have a Great advantage within the duel, with this they take the first game for mouth in this playoff phase.

The first day action of this phase ends where we could see great battles of all the teams, with four of them advancing from the upper part of the bracket to be able to have the possibility of reaching the best of three that are coming inside the contest, On the other hand, the squads that suffered a defeat go to the lower bracket to be able to look for the possibility of continuing at stake.

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