Cyberpunk 2077 The best sets of legendary armor

In Cyberpunk 2077, legendary armor is the best equipment that you can purchase, sowing chaos in Night City. In total, in the game you can purchase 9 sets of armor.

Each category of armor has its own legendary option, and there are 4 main ways to acquire them.

  • Legendary armor may fall out of the bosses.
  • You can make them.
  • You can get one as a reward after performing actions in the game.
  • Certain merchants also sell legendary armor.

This leadership covers all the best legendary armor that you can get at the CP2077 at the moment. While in Night City there are definitely many more weapons hidden in anticipation when they find him.

The best sets of legendary armor for Cyberpunk 2077

set of nomadic armor

Although the armor of the nomad is not so good, it works best if you are looking for a style of survival.

Having sufficient protection that the armor offers, you can soften any type of damage, at the same time creating an atmosphere of a nomad with armor.

A mask includes a mask, which allows you to breathe longer underwater and survive in an intoxicating place longer. Others are a nomad’s shirt and a jacket, the location of which is indicated below.

Mask of a nomad (rating 54.8)

You will find a mask on the southeastern outskirts of Northern Carolina in barren lands right to the west of the Towers fast movement point.

Nomad jacket (rating 4.6)

You can find a jacket next to the straight road, between the regional airport and the Protein Farm quick movement point in the desert.

nomad’s shirt (rating 157.4)

You will find a shirt on a straight road east of the point of quick movement of the regional airport in barren lands.

Nomad boots (rating 94.3)

You can find shoes west of the old turbines on the eastern side of the barren lands.

line set of armor

A single armor set has the highest characteristics in CP2077. A set of armor is ideal for the style of the game of the assassin or if you are looking for a play style in close combat, offering the highest rating in the game.

Solo-jacket (rating 190.7)

You can find a jacket in front of the metro located north of the fast movement of Glen in Haywood.

Solo-shirt (rating 17.5)

You can find a shirt east of Santo Domingo in barren lands. It will be next to the V-shaped intersection.

Solo pants (rating 87.4)

You can get pants west from Wellspring in Heywood not far from the docks.

Solo-Botinki (rating 83.5)

You can find boots on the edge of Kabuki, Watson next to the round building on the map.

set of armor

Corps armor kit is the strongest armor set that you can find in the game. When the rating rises to 6,000, you will become indestructible at this moment.

Along with this, he also offers you many slots for mods for updating and creating your threatening assemblies with a good rating.

Corps glasses (rating 50.8)

You can find glasses on the snake road in Santa Damingo-Runcho-Koronado. It will be located on the second loop, if you go from the western side.

Corps jacket (rating 140.4)

You can find a jacket on the northern outskirts of Watson in North.

Corps shirt (rating 172.4)

You can find a shirt located behind the construction site under the city center near Haywood.

Corps pants (rating 83.2)

You can find pants at the intersection of V on the outskirts of Northside, Watson.

Corps shoes (rating 83.5)

You can find shoes east of Carter Hills in Awestruck in a parking lot with burning vans.

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