How to go through IPK SEVEN League Boots in FIFA 23

If you are a fan of FIFA Ultimate Team, you know how important rare cards are for the success of your FUT team. There are several effective ways to get to them, and one of them is to complete the FIFA 23 Squad Building Challenges tasks. Sometimes it can be difficult, as they act as sports puzzles. This is especially true for SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS INK in FIFA 23. Here you can learn more about this task and how to fulfill it.

SBC Seven League Boots in FIFA 23

In Seven League Boots Squad Building Challenge, you have the task of gathering a team consisting of players of seven different football/football leagues. To complicate the task, you need at least one point of playing from each player (at least 18 points of playing).

The best way to do this is to choose players of the same nationality who play in different leagues. Try to focus on one of the countries (for example, Spain, France or Brazil), in which there are many players from different leagues. This will facilitate the choice in terms of chemistry. Keep in mind that you can only have three players from one league and club, and the general rating of the team should be at least 78. Here is our proposal of the team for INK Seven League Boots.

composition Seven League Boots SBC in FIFA 23

  • Vicente Gupta (GK/Premier League/Spain)
  • Nicolas Walleye (TSA / League 1 / France)
  • Andre Rama lo (CB/Redivide/Brazil)
  • Tuna (Central Bank / Bundesliga / Brazil)
  • Ruben Cochin (RM/La League 2/Spain)
  • Jose Sampan (CM / La League 2 / Spanish)
  • UAI Vincent or (CM / La Liga / Spain)
  • Davidson D.A. Lu’s Pereira (LP / Super League China / Brazil)
  • SUMO (RAW/La League/Spain)

  • Pedro (LAW / A / Spanish series)
  • Rama Mir (ST/La League/Spain)

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