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Ultimate Team remains the driving force of FIFA 23, so it makes sense that the SBS meet again in the center of everything. But, not without a surprise or two along the way. This guide will show you How to complete Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 23.

DCP Guide Seven FIFA League Boots 23

Finding the SBC seven leagues boots in FIFA 23 is a very simple process. Simply go to challenges of squadrons> advanced> hybrid leagues> seven leagues boots.

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Once you open it, you will learn that six separate requirements are needed to complete. Not only that, but will also learn about the reward of the SBC, in this case, a rare Gold Pack. It is certainly not the highest package in the graph, which could explain the relative ease of the SBC itself. The requirements are as follows:

  • Exactly 7 leagues.
  • 3 max. Players from the same league.
  • 3 max. Players of the same club.
  • Min. 78 General team qualification.
  • Min. 1 chemistry point per player.
  • Min. 18 squad chemistry points.

There are some things to consider here. To start, there are no ‘rare card’ requirements. That is great. Second, a general rating of the 78 team is very attainable. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the chemistry requirements are Minus values, not Maximo. Therefore, you can choose to concentrate on the most of the maximum league/players club requirements.


The solution below will cost around 7,200 coins, and most of them will go to Chiellini, and by volume, we are talking about perhaps 1,500 coins. But it is a very solid CB option for SBC like these due to its qualification (84) and league variation (MLS). You can see who you will need the most:

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As you can see, this meets all the requirements, a couple of them just. 19 squad chemistry points is one more than you will need, while a general rating of 79 is also one more than required. In total, this is a very easy way to get the Rare Gold Pack. As always, you decide whether it is worth investment or not.

And that is all you need to know to complete Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 23 . To get more tips on the game, be sure to keep your eyes fixed on by consulting our other guides, such as FIFA 23, the final FIFA and how to score shots in green time, as well as the endless content in the links below.

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