Quiet Hill The Short Message: Korea sold the wick, an impending statement?


The vice is tightening on the side of the INAMI franchise business, based on several reports for a number of months. Without a doubt, Union, which is the company to bill to categorize the video games in South Korea (The Game Rating and also Management Committee of Korea), has simply provided the Silent Hill: The Short Message in its columns. A game that can be in direct call with the reboot of the collection, particularly the episode which had actually been the topic of Leakages and of which INAMI had actually requested the suspension of the main clich├ęs of DMCA. With this subtitle Short Message, you can see an affiliation with these pictures of areas full of post-it, much like this animal made up of cells on the head. According to some Web users, INAMI could offer a demo as the author did in the past with P.T., yet we instead see very next news in order to formalize the return of the certificate to the front of the stage. We keep in mind that Christophe Fans had actually announced a return of the Silent Hill franchise for 2023, both in cinema and in video games. Do not hesitate to consular office our exclusive interview on this subject…

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