How to get yellow bromelia in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Yellow bromeliad is one of many ingredients that you need to find for odorous Magnetic in the Simulate Disney Valley.

Yellow bromeliad is a yellow flower that will allow you to remove the spell from the Donald Duck time capsule to complete the mission. Forgotten project quest.

It is important to know because there are also red and pink bromeliad . The next leadership will tell you how to find yellow in Disney Dream light Valley.

Где найти желтую бромелию в Долине Дримлайт Диснея

Yellow bromeliad are found in only one biome. You will find them only on a sunny plateau, an area inspired by King Leo, which you can unlock in the game by spending 7000-star coins in a dream castle.

In addition to yellow bromeliad, a solar plateau is also a house for another rare flower called Houseleek. To help you distinguish them when searching in this area, yellow bromeliad is literally yellow, and the Hauling are a different color.

Please note that these flowers grow randomly on a sunny plateau, but grow only in certain fixed places. For example, if you need to find more yellow bromeliad, collect all the Muslims to get a chance to grow yellow bromeliad in their places.


You can sell yellow bromeliad for 73-star coins, if you have extra. If you want to engage in harvesting, growing as many yellow bromelias as possible, you will have to wait a bit until they grow again.

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