Diablo 4 Private Test soon, recruitment of participants

Blizzard announced a private test plan for Diablo 4 on the 20th. Tests are supported by PCs and consoles and can be experienced in advance.

This test is conducted for some players selected as a condition of confidential maintenance.

The test focuses on Diablo 4 end content. Specifically, users’ opinions on various end contents such as hell waves, nightmare dungeons, whisper of the dead, Fields of Hatred, and Paragon Boards. Receive.


The test is selected among the users who played the final contents of Diablo 3 for a long time, and if it is selected as a tester, you can receive a private test invitation by e-mail by November 19. At the beginning of next year, it will be open for more users.

For more information, visit the Diablo 4 official blog and Diablo 4 Development Video Message.

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