On the 21st, the official service God Three Kingdoms opened a day ago

‘Ice bird Games’ is a Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Galaxy Store, ahead of the official service of ‘At Seymour’, a mobile RPG anticipation of the Three Kingdoms Game ‘Steamed Restaurant’. Today, he said he plans to start with major app markets.

The Ice bird Games will launch a pre-download on September 20, and will be in full swing in Korea on September 21 at 10 am. The pre-download download is possible by just clicking the ‘Install’ button on the game page that can be checked by searching ‘At Three Kingdoms’ in Google, Apple App Store, and Galaxy Store.

At 10 o’clock on the 21st, you want to enjoy the game play immediately as soon as you open the server, or to run a start dash quickly, you can download the game in advance through this dictionary download.

At Seymour, which had been predicted in advance from the pre-download and domestic service from 10:00 on September 21, is the official next film of the steamed Three Kingdoms, which was introduced in 2020 by the Ice Bird Games, and wrote the popular drama ‘Fungi Loyang’ and ‘Japan Fiji’. The author, Mambo Yong, is an RPG project in charge of the BGM field by the composer Kobayashi Shiner, famous for his story and ‘Ghost of Sushi’.

Actor Lee Jungle, who plays as a public relations model and brand ambassador, has recently surpassed 1 million pre-booking applicants. He also participated in the in-game dubbing of ‘Mahler’, which will be the main character in progress.


Ice bird Games will hold a pre-booking event until September 20 and 23. The applicants will receive items, including 200 treasure maps, 200 original treasure, and two draw Huff that can continue to draw until the desired weapons.

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