Pröger shoots Hansa to success versus Magdeburg

A double pack by Kai Proper (30th/41st) was a pioneer for the 3: 1 (2: 0) success of Hans Rostock in the second Bundesliga against advertised 1. FC Magdeburg.

Rostock’s Lukas Hinter seer (22nd) additionally had the 1-0 on his foot, yet can not overcome goalkeeper Dominik Reimann. The FCM played entirely and also had its chances, however FC Hans looked a lot extra reliable in scoring.


In the 17th minute, nevertheless, Magdeburg might have taken the lead, Rostock’s Lukas Sheriff protected against the objective. Mara Code had released Luca Schuyler, Role falsified the round, Sheriff headed the ball to the bar at his rescue act, and Role after that brought the back to the back.

While the north Germans scored 3 times again after 3 beats as well as are put in midfield, the FCM with only seven points is the penultimate table.

In the 62nd min, Lukas Rode (62nd) boosted to 3: 0, wherein the umpire offered the goal after video clip decision. In the 84th minute, Rostock’s goalkeeper Markus Role anticipated a weakly fired penalty of Basis Batik, who, nevertheless, ensured the final score in the 90th +4. In the 38th minute, Proper had another great chance for the Mecklenburg.

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