Warzone Mobile: Verdansk is back – Call of Obligation fulfills the dream of many fans in the trailer

COD offered a very first trailer Zuwarzone Mobile as well as showed that they react to the fans’ dream.

After Activision released a teaser regarding War zone Mobile on Friday, September 9th and also announced further information for the big Cod Next occasion, it is currently:

A very first trailer for the mobile battle royale is there as well as we are already seeing the return of a preferred map.

The YouTuber Tomographic even went one step even more and released a tune with the title I Miss Verdant (German: I miss Verdant). The video was launched on June 4, 2022, and already (September 15) has 727,000 views and also over 44,000 I such as info.

Did you miss out on Cod Next and also be searching for a recap? Look in our ticker for the occasion.

  • Noob_Music_producer using Reddit: I will certainly obtain a full time mobile player when you bring the old Verdant content and the crunchy gun play to mobile.

  • Wild_NK_Cell through Reddit: I personally assume you should get rid of caldera and simply restore Verdant.

Are you delighted about the return of Verdant? Will you test war zone mobile or do you like to stay true to the gaming consoles or your computer? Please create it here on mango in the remarks!

  • Frequent-Pea4949 through Reddit: Fuck it. You must give us back Verdant now. Caldera is so horrible.

The return of Verdant: After players wished for a return from Verdant in April, the new trailer to War zone Mobile now seems to confirm the resurgence of the card (see: min 00:54). Activision reacts to the community’s demand that the card need to come back.

War zone gamers stated on Reddit some time ago that she should long for the card back and also rather, for instance, Caldera should give means. Others indicated that they come to be mobile players when War zone Mobile obtains the old Verdant.

Cod Next in LiveTicker-We show you all the material of the event today

  • Frequent-Pea4949 via Reddit: Fuck it. You should provide us back Verdant now. Are you satisfied regarding the return of Verdant? Will you examine war zone mobile or do you prefer to remain true to the consoles or your PC?

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