Open World Survival Conan EXILES Magic and Battle Pass Age of Sorcery will be distributed on September 1st! Free play will also be held

Norwegian Indie Belopper FUNCOM has a large update Age of Sorcery for the currently available open world action survival Conan EXILES , September 1, 2022, 2022, 2022 We announced that it will be distributed more.

Introducing a new world view from September 1st

World view of sword and magic drawn in movies

Arnold Schwartz in this free update, which was announced in the third quarter of 2022 in June 2022, is the largest since its launch, and started on September 1, 2022, overseas time. Introduced the sword and magic world view of the movie Conan the Great starring Eenegger. Various dark magic, such as summoning the devil, dropping thunderstorms, becoming a transparent human, and causing a storm, can be used in a form of compensation after preparing for the acquisition of magic books by adventure. increase.

It has been announced that the domestic PS4 version that FUNCOM is currently selling will be updated late.

Introducing Battle Pass where various rewards can be obtained

In addition, a battle pass has been introduced as a content renewal method that replaces paid sales of download content so far. Equipment, architectural parts, vehicles, emotes, etc. can be obtained as rewards according to the ranking rank in a form that does not affect the performance. In addition, the bazaar in the work will be able to purchase in-game items using paid currencies. Details are also posted in the previous article.

In addition, various improvements and corrections, including QOL aspects, such as improving skill specifications, creating creative modes that enable construction more easily, and improving operability.

Apde Memorial Free Play Scheduled

To commemorate the distribution of the Age of Sorcery update, we will also hold a free play. PC (Steam) will start overseas time from September 1 and Xbox will start on September 8.

Conan EXILES , which can be enjoyed by one person and online cooperation play, is currently being distributed on PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/Domestic PS4/overseas Xbox One.

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