Elden Ring: Find and defeat Elemer from the thorns

In our elemer boss guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • How to find the Schattenburg
  • Where Elemer drives around the thorns on the shadow castle
  • How you defeat the boss


With Elemer from the thorns, an optional boss awaits you in Elden Ring on the shadow castle soaked in poison. Elemer is a very physical fighter who meets you in a confined space. You can read in this guide how you defeat the thorny boss in his chamber.

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Elemer from the thorns: How to reach the Schattenburg

Elemer from the thorns sits on the Schattenburg in the Altus plateau . You reach them through the great gorge. There are two ways to get there:

  • Either you grab the two parts of Dectus’s medallion and drive with the large elevator from Dectus to the Altus Plateau. Once there, you ride the path north, to the ruins of Nox and the place of grace viewing hill of the earth tree. Where you can find the medallions, you can read in our Elden-Ring guide to the eternal city of Nrokron
    Without the medallions, the path leads to the Altus plateau over the ruins of the abyss *. Ride through the Church of Bellum in Liurnia, which you have to visit during Hyettas Quest (Guide) and follow the path along the river. Defeated the Makar magbalind worm at the end of the ruins of abyss and you come to the Altus plateau via the place of grace abandoned coffin.

Both paths lead to the place of grace viewing hill of the earth tree. From there you ride further north of the gorge until you reach the Schattenburg.

Schadtenburg cross and find elemer from the thorns

Ride northeast around the Schattenburg until you reach the wall over a crashed wall of the wall. Rast briefly at the place of grace and run towards the southwest on the wall. You can reach the swampy atrial via the fragile wall. Cross it until you see a flat building with red roof shingles. A wooden ladder leads up directly opposite.

Run north on the wall until you hang a knight crouched in front of a door. Comes him and goes into the building. It contains a treasure chest with the WalkUne prosthesis , which you need for Millicents Quest (Guide). Leave the building again and run the way back to the southeast. After a group of zombies you go up a short staircase and reach a small wooden bridge.

Jump down into the swamp area and run on the left after the first large staircase. Take the ladder and you reach the place of grace Schattenburg-Inner Gate. Follow the path, the next ladder climb up and cross the following two buildings- Attention: Rein rot-knight . Then take the elevator at the courtyard, which leads you into the tower to the Boss-Arena of Elemer from the thorns.

Elemer from the thorns: strengths and weaknesses of the boss

Elemer from the thorns is very robust compared to most physical types of damage. He also tolerates magic, fire and hay damage well. Best use weapons that cause stab damage and acts flashes on the thorny knight. The most effective status effects are sleep, poison and scarlet blade. He is immune to madness.

The ruler of the Schattenburg predominates physical damage and relies on standard, impact and stitch damage. He also occasionally uses magic. You can parry his attacks, but need two successful attempts to break his attitude and place a critical hit. With a shield that prevents 100 percent physical damage, you can block all sword attacks.

Elemer from the thorns: This is how you defeat the boss on the Schattenburg

Enter the room, sprint to the boss and give it a jump attack. Stay close right away and switches off his blows to the left. After each triple combo you can hand out quick blows. If Elemer lifts his shield from the thorns, he slides forward shortly afterwards and misses you. This gives you an excellent attack : Synate to the side and attack the boss from behind.

Elimer lifts his red glowing fist from the thorns, either searches the vastness or evades as soon as it hits it. Caught the gravitational attack, pull the boss to you and hit yourself across the room.

How to survive Elemer’s sword attacks

The greatest danger in this boss fight are the magical talents of Elemer’s sword. He usually works if you are at medium distance to him. Pay attention to the following sword attacks:

Dancing sword *: Elemer’s sword lights up red, briefly dances in the air and then flies around the ears in a circle. Differences either or use this attack for a counter . If he sends the sword into the air, goes forward with an alternative roller and gives him one or two quick blows.
Dancing sword returns : Subbient his sword to Elemer on his neck, occasionally disappears behind you when you are at medium distance. He lifts his arm, alternately and quickly turns to the side.
Eochaid’s dancing blade: Elemer hurls the sword energetic for a spiral attack. While it turns, it continuously causes damage. Deviates to the left and attacks Elemer’s unprotected flank.

This ashes helps against elemer from the thorns

If you cannot cope with the attacks of Elemer from the thorns, uses an ash . Robust spirits distract his attacks, which gives her a lot of time for your attacks. In our guide to the legendary ashes in Elden Ring you will find the right mind. With the ash of the Kristoff dragon knight you have a strong partner who can take a lot when he is upgraded accordingly. He also sends thunder flash to Elemer, against which the boss is susceptible.

reward for the victory over Elemer from the thorns

If you conquer your elemer from the thorns, you can look forward to 24,000 runes, the size of the thorns and a bronze trophy . You will also receive the Great Higher Hank sword of the Marais, one of the legendary weapons in Elden Ring.

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