Ubisoft purchased by the Chinese giant Tencent? Conversations with the Guillemot bros would certainly have currently taken place

It has been stated that no supervisors of the French company wanted to comment if some media have currently tried to contact Ubisoft’s press solution. Very same position on the side of Tencent, who chooses to act in silence so as not to jeopardize such a maneuver. It has to be said that for virtually a year, Ubisoft has completely altered its technique, both in the production of future games and in regards to communication. Of a talkative and rather prolix in nature for over two decades, Ubisoft has actually been very discreet in current months, with the bonus offer of radical adjustments in viewpoint and company model for some of their video games. Mobile, Free-to-Play, Ubisoft appears to alter its rifle to enter the direction of long-lasting and also prompt success games. It is recalled that the Tencent group has involvements at Epic Games (Fortnite), Riot Gaming (League of Legends), Supercell (Clash of Clans). Ubisoft would certainly consequently be just an additional partner to enhance their visibility in computer game, with an appetite for the mobile undoubtedly…

According to various other indiscretions, the Chinese multinational would have already made the journey to Paris last Might to transmit a deal without commitment much higher than the existing rate of Ubisoft activity, which is however turning. On the Paris Stock Market, Ubisoft action increased crescendo following this statement, reaching EUR 47.41, or 12.6663% boost in a few hrs. The title Guillemot Corp Holding owned by the Guillemot family members likewise ruptured by 7.1763%.


Suppose Ubisoft was purchased by Tencent, the Chinese giant? It is in compound the situation that highly envisages the Chinese business which came close to the Guillemot siblings to show its rate of interest for the French author to whom we owe licenses such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, the Cretin bunnies, Just Dancing, Rainbow Six, and so on. According to the Reuters company, Tencent wishes to enhance its visibility within the funding of Ubisoft, for which it already has a 5%engagement, acquired in 2018. The suggestion for Tencent is undoubtedly to become the majority investor of the ‘Company directed by Yves Guillemot, by buying all the titles held by the Guillemot family, which represents 15% of Ubisoft shares. According to Readers, the Chinese giant prepares to pay up to EUR 100 per title to persuade the Guillemot brother or sisters to take their gold retirement.

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