Olymp planet recruits voucher demand companies to join the metavus transformation

[Jae-hyun Moon Young-soo] Olymp Planet (CEO Kwon Jae-hyun) is recruiting demand companies for meta bus vouchers.

It is possible to apply for domestic SMEs, startups, and one-person companies that can create new added value by using methuses. Applications will be accepted from August 1, 2022 to December 31, and 100 teams will be selected.

The fields that can be used by Metavus Voucher demand companies are the company homepage, gallery, brand showroom, and methus spatial platform for conference. The amount of support is 20 million won for each company and will also support various benefits.

If you are selected as a metavus voucher demand company, you can receive support for the meta buses of the Olympian Planet. In addition, the meta bus space platform ‘Elyx’ will allow you to build meta buses such as corporate showrooms, galleries and fairs in various industries.

Olymp Planet is a future strategy of the metabus company, and it is important that ‘methubus transformation’ is important. In fact, many companies at home and abroad are doing metabus transfusion to create new experiences with customers and create new values.

Ahn Ho-joon, vice president of Olymp Planet, said, The number of companies that seek future growth engines through methbus transformation are increasing. The Olym Planet will actively support its know-how to companies that need metavus technology based on differentiated technology..

Olympian planet is transforming methbuses so that the reality and the virtual world are connected and people’s lives are more convenient, he said. It is expected to be. I hope you will be interested in recruiting demand companies in methubus vouchers.

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