Four activities such as Sainzro insurance fraud are released -vehicles that explode one after another due to boss collisions …

A video introducing the activity of Saints Row (SAINTS ROW) by Deep Silver Volition has been released through overseas media IGN.

This work is the latest action series that can play a flashy and free play as a boss of a criminal organization. The largest stage of the series, Santo Ilese, consisting of 9 districts, fights with enemy forces aiming for the control of the city as a customizable boss.

In this series, activities, which are mainly mini-games that make money by criminal acts, are located in various parts of the map, but four activities that can be enjoyed with the latest work are unveiled. The insurance fraud that appeared in the past work has been particularly focused on, and you can check the adrenaline gauge that can be maintained by a combo or a flashy vehicle. In addition, you can get a glimpse of an activity full of series that is not lost even if you reboot, such as transporting unstable waste, robbing food trucks, and delivery to the obtained vehicle to Jimrob’s.

Sainzro will be released on August 23 at PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Windows (Epic Games Store).

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