F1 22, the very best settings for the Jeddah circuit, Saudi Arabia

Right here is our overview of the best settings for your Formula 1 for the Jeddah circuit, in Saudi Arabia, on the game F1 22 The goal being to provide you a maximized set up for the time test however also reliable in the race. Keep in mind that it is far better to play driving to draw the full capacity of these settings, although it is feasible to utilize them with a controller.


A lot for our guide on the very best settings for the Jeddah circuit, Saudi Arabia on F1 22. You can find all the circuits settings in addition to all the news of the Formula 1 video game on circuits settings.

Keep in mind that undoubtedly gas level, it is advised to play with the cheapest fuel degree to make the finest feasible time. Hence, utilize the minimum of gas by weight in counter-launch mode.

Discover our best settings here for the Jeddah circuit, Saudi Arabia. Be mindful, nonetheless, these settings are instead optimized for time test more than running, so bear in mind to slightly modify the tire stress for instance.

As pointed out over, these changes are to be used mainly for time test or qualification mode because you will certainly attract the complete possibility of your F1 to the detriment of the tires. Furthermore, our set up is optimized for driving at the wheel, although it is possible to use it with a controller.

Update : Tuesday June 28.

The very best settings for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on F1 22.

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