Steam deck construction combo RPG Brave! Braves Rage] Japanese full compatible. Implemented with a large apde, and will be transmitted in Japanese in the future

Publisher ASTROLABE GAMES was June 24, Brave! Brave’s Rage (hereafter, hereafter, the brave man!) Was announced that it was compatible with Japanese. Early access distribution was started on Steam in April this year, and two months later, Japanese was supported. The game is finely Japanese from UI to text.

Brave, hurry! Is a deck-building RPG. Set in the fantasy world, the braves stand up to save the princess who was kidnapped by a giant dragon. Move on the board and explore the stage. While encountering an event or challenging battle, he confronts a strong enemy. If you die, you can start over from the beginning, and the same-type items are available, such as random, and a system similar to a general deck-building rogue light game.

The feature of this work is a battle that is proceeding in real time. The active time battle (ATB) is adopted in the battle of this work. It is a battle system that appears in Final Fantasy IV and has been introduced in various titles. With a certain period of time during the battle, commands are lifted and selected. Battle develops quickly by entering the command quickly. On the other hand, if the player does not enter the command, he will not be able to act, the time will continue to flow, and the enemy will continue to be attacked. It is a system that introduces real-time tension in a command selection battle.

In this work, each action card included in the deck will be lifted over time. The system is close to ATB. In addition, these cards have an additional effect by inputting at just timing. If you guard at the right time, you can reduce damage. In addition, there is also an element that if you combine the cursor to the card, the passage of the battle will slow down. There is also a consideration for those who are not good at action. In this way, it is a game that also introduces real-time battle elements, centered on deck-building games.

Brave, hurry! ] The large update was distributed on June 24. Therefore, Japanese support was implemented. As mentioned at the beginning, it has been translated into Japanese. Although awkward places, such as fonts and connection expressions, it will be much easier to play. The information of the same work will be transmitted in Japanese in the future. It also accepts Japanese feedback.

In the large update described above, in addition to the addition of Japanese, the official provision of content called true story has started. Skills and cards have been added, and balance adjustments have been implemented. It is said that a weekly update will be scheduled in the future, and the story will be updated, content including cards will be added, and balance adjustment will be implemented. The official release time is unknown at this time. It will continue until the developer is convinced.

Brave, hurry! Is being distributed early in Steam. Until July 8, you can buy a game for 10%off 909 yen.

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