[Steam Summer Sale] Eros and Grotesque you want to enjoy in midsummer? 10 titles that are likely to shake the heat


This article includes a lot of introductions of titles for adults.

From 2:00 am on June 24 to 2:00 am on July 8, a summer sale is being held on the PC Game Distribution Platform Steam. For those who have accumulated interest games in their wish list, and those who have recently started a new PC game, have a great chance. From topical works that everyone knows to maniac works, if you buy games, is now . In this article, we pick up recommended titles for games with eros and grotesque elements from many sales games. GAME*SPARK writer will introduce 10 Recommended games with eros and grotesque elements at Steam Summer Sale!

Lust from Beyond

This work is a psycho horror ADV full of erogros. Victor Hollowei, a protagonist who has a mental illness that keeps seeing nightmares with ambiguous reality and delusions, will have a mysterious experience in the city of Brikumua, where the psychiatrist lives. This work, which aims to fuse horror threats and turbid eroticism, has become a very radical erogro work. Please refer to the past play repo for details. For those who are not good at erogro, a mild regulated version is now on sale.


It is a high-speed difficulty gore action game set in Miami in the 1980s. This work, which has already been released for 10 years, is not only an expression inspired by VaporWave in the 1980s, but also determines the gore expression in a looked-up action. Not only will the VaporWave boom, but also representing the representative difficult story expression, it is still worthwhile to play. As you can see in the lines in the play, Do you like to hurt people?

Raiden Group

The protagonist, Bushi Yomei, who was lost in the village called Remaining, which does not exist on the map, is involved in the death game of the Yomo abomination feast held in the village. You will go around to bet on his own life and elucidate the mystery of the ritual. Board game Are you a wolf? It is a psycho-horror ADV work based on , and is a work that made Amphibian, a scenario writer of this work, made it famous.


This work will be a survival horror ADV that will bet on life and explore the hotel and confront various monsters. The three protagonists, who are also distributors, step into the famous psychic spots, Hotel Izanami. The distribution, which was just going to end without anything, will change dramatically by being attacked by a mysterious costume with a hatchet. The thrill of death and the trouble on the way on the way to feel Eros… How about on a hot summer day?

Shizuku no Oto-Fall Into Poison-

This work is a mystery horror ADV set in the aquarium. The protagonist is an aquarium who came with a friend to verify the ghost story, and somehow see his sister who survived when he was young. You will be fighting with your friends who came together… After that, you will be caught in the aquarium and aim to escape. It is a place where you can not miss the development that can be cooled from the spine with the theme of the aquarium, which is perfect for this hot day this summer.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

It is an FPS work on the theme of UNREAL ENGINE 4, which is rare for domestic titles, and post-apocalypse theme. You will fight against a large amount of zombies on a home town where lust and violence swirled. This magazine has also posted a play repo in the past, but can this magazine readers be able to maintain a large amount of zombies with this work, which is even more radical by using an external patch?


This work is a puzzle game of a genre of a so-called three match puzzle. The protagonist who has picked up the love fairy Kyu to unfortunate (?) Will be dating various women according to KYU’s advice. It is a pioneer in the adult genre in Steam, and it is a memorable work in which the door to R18 works is patched in the form of patches. This work also sells 2, a sequel, and a play repo is also introduced. 2, which is the theme of vacation, may be perfect for the summer when hot days continue.


This work is an ADV that regains her motivation in the days when the hero maple, who repeats the transfer due to her father’s work, joins the swimming club just before the abandoned part, which is notorious and bad rumor. I am. Although it is an overseas developer work, it is fully equipped with Japanese audio, so even if you can not read the text, you can understand the scenario to some extent. External patches… I don’t know anything, but in the hot summer, the pool is still a good thing… There is no patch, but the Japanese version is being distributed as Sakura Swimming Club-Transfer Student Research- for domestic Nintendo Switch.

Oak Massage

The hero’s oak, who asked for Gobson’s office in search of a job, will be assigned to the owner of the massage shop while being washed away. This work is an ADV work that provides the best service to customers who visit with proud power. This work, which is a misuse, Customer is God, will actually provide services as the most common sense (?) Hero is washed away. How do you go around the stress society in the modern age of a stressed society?


Agony Unrated

Lust from Beyond, which was introduced above, was a work that incorporates the clouds of the spiritual world and reality, but this is an FPS work that has been shaken into an erogro from beginning to end. The hero who has lost his memory and falls to hell will wander to escape from hell. The video expression that should be called hell is a spectacular word. It can be said that it is really uncomfortable in the true sense. Succubus based on the stage as a sister work has also been released, which is also a sale.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 is being held until 2:00 am on July 8. There are countless games for sale, so please check this article as well.

*Update (2022/6/26 15:20): Corrected the text and link mistakes in the text. Thank you for pointing out the readers.

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