OTT Pass Appears Split Site Split Subtle

A site that splits the ticket of various online video services (OTT) into a day, causing subtle wavelengths.

According to the industry on the 8th, PaySense has sold one-day passes for OTT platforms such as Netflix, Wave, Teabing, Watcha, Disney Plus, and Rapel from the beginning of this month.

The price is different for each platform. Netflix 1 day is the most expensive at 600 won, and Wave, Teabing, Watcha, and Rapel are 500 won and Disney Plus is 400 won.

It is already popular for consumers who only want to see the OTT platform and want to see it at a reasonable price when needed.

However, the service is known to have no direct content supply contract with the OTT platform, and it is believed that there is a possibility of disputes later.

■ Premium Pass Splitting and reselled on a one-day pass

This service is possible without a form formally signed with the OTT platform, because there is a consumer who wants a one-day pass and △ OTT platform is allowed to share a limited account.

OTT platforms allow simultaneous viewing to family members when signing up. The price varies depending on the number of simultaneous rehabilitation lines. Users are especially common to share their accounts with their families as well as their families.

PaySense is to buy a premium pass from OTT and split it and sell it to individual users one day.

For example, the Netflix premium pass is 17,000 won per month and can be connected to 4 people. If you split it, you can sell one day to four people a day. In a month, 120 (4*30) one-day pass will be sold.

Since Netflix’s 1-day pass is 600 won, it will be 72,000 won by completing 120 pieces. It was purchased for 17,000 won and gained a profit of 55,000 won.

It is the remaining business for PaySense.

This does not mean that consumers lose money. If you are a consumer who only sees Netflix on weekends, you only need to buy a ticket on the 8th (2*4), and the price is 4,800 won, so you can use it cheaper than 17,000 won a month.

This means that many consumers benefit from watching habits.

For this reason, there is a line of reactions in the online community, and most of the products are sold out in PaySense.

■ OTT industry violation of terms and conditions of use… Discussion of countermeasures

The OTT industry is focusing on response by paying close attention to this service.

This is because as the number of users per day increases, the number of regular passengers will be reduced.

Wave judged PaySense service as a violation of the terms and conditions and began to investigate whether it was a legal problem. Teabing and Watcha are also in a position to respond after reviewing.

A Teabing official explained, Once I confirmed that it was a violation of the terms, I was discussing internally about various countermeasures.

An official of Netflix said, A plurality of profile is a service designed to allow several families to watch other programs at the same time.

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