TEN: Ten Rooms Ten Seconds: Craze

The indie publisher Ratalaika Games is pleased to collaborate with the designer The Bworg on his debut title: Ten Rooms ten Secs, which on June 3, 2022 for Computer (Heavy Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch is released at a rate of EUR 4.99.

TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds Demo Gameplay - SURVIVE FOR TEN SECONDS, IF YOU CAN!

10: Ten Rooms 10 Secs is a tough however basic single gamer game that crosses ten floors of an underground center. Each flooring consists of ten spaces, and each space consists of the gamer for ten seconds, while various traps attempt to kill him.

The focus of the game gets on the approach “Understanding from blunders”. Technically speaking, every area is a mystery, and also when the gamers learn from their errors, they find their own remedy, conquer the onslaught run of every floor and also make it right into the following degree. It is very easy to speak, it reminds of similar challenging video games of its kind as Super Meat Young boy and likewise takes on impacts from even more modern-day games such as those of the “Souls” categories.

There is hope-the gamer can collect “symbols” that can be output in safe rooms at the beginning of every flooring to unlock upgrades and also abilities that help him survive.

For prize seekers or laid-back gamers there is a straightforward setting in which you are optionally unyielding and also just enjoy the tale (which only really starts in the center of the video game). For gamers that are really seeking a challenge, there is an optional “heck setting” that offers more dangers in every room.

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