[Planning] Another financial game team was born, Shinhan Bank

Challengers Fulltory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e-sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e-sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e-sports-related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e-sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News news of e-sports at home and abroad

Shinhan Bank signed the main sponsor with DRX
-Shinhan Bank signed an investment with E-sports company DRX and has signed a main sponsorship for three years. The agreement was carried out with the investment of Shinhan Financial Group’s digital strategic investment fund, the original Connect New Technology Investment Association No. 1, which was operated by Shinhan Capital. Shinhan Bank has been involved with esports since its sponsorship of StarCraft League. Meanwhile, with the joining of Shinhan Bank, the team that is sponsored by the financial sector among the LCK game teams has become a total of three teams (Live Sandbox, Hanwha Life e-Sports, DRX), and LCK is currently with Woori Bank.

◎ RNG, 2022 MSI win… 3 wins wins
-LPL’s RNG won the championship trophy with a 3: 2 victory in the final with the LCK representative T1. T1 lost after a full set. T1 and ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk were first defeated by RNG in multi-jeonje. RNG has won three MSI wins with this championship. Meanwhile, fans expressed their regret for T1’s Vanpic. The T1 lost after taking Jays against MSI’s meta, such as Jace, or the Jean-Yumi Duo on the bottom.

◎ Vietnam GAM esports, Southeast Asian Games gold medal
Vietnam’s strongest GAM esports, who couldn’t compete in -MSI, played a gold medal in the Southeast Asian Games. GAM esports, which won the VCS, won the victory in the Southeast Asian Games and reigned as the strongest team in Southeast Asia.

◎ 6.1 Local sentence candidates, expressed interest in esports
-E Sports has been receiving attention since the 20th presidential sentence, which was recently over. In the 8th National Simultaneous Regional Society, which will be held on June 1, it has emerged as one of the main pledges. In the metropolitan area, it is attracting attention as a means of catching young people in other regions to revitalize the local economy.

In addition to Lee Jae-joon, the Democratic Party candidate, Kim Tae-heum, Kim Tae-heum, a candidate for the Governor of Chungnam Province, Lee Mi-young, the head of the Ulsan Nam-gu Office, and the Democratic Party candidate Dong Hee-young, Gwangju Mayor, and the Democratic Party candidate. There are also positive reactions, but some officials expressed concern, saying, “If you do not keep it after designing a commitment with a lack of awareness of e-sports, it will be reversed in the future.”

■ This week’s e-sports schedule

Overwatch League 2022 Season | Opening Weekend | Day 1 — West

30th (Mon): VCT Challengers Full League
31st (Tue): VCT Challengers Full League
June 4th (Sat): VCT Challengers Full League
June 5th (Sun): VCT Challengers Full League

June 2 (Thu): 2022 KRPL Season 1 Round of 8 Full League
June 5th (Sun): 2022 KRPL Season 1 Round of 8 Full League

June 3 (Fri): 2022 EK League season 1 trillion stage
June 4 (Sat): 2022 EK League Season 1 trillion

June 1st (Wed): 2022 ATL Season 2 2nd

■ esports sources

◎ LPL legend ‘Uji’ recognizes RNG ‘Gala’ on personal broadcast
-‘Uji’ praised Gala after the 3rd day of the RNG and G2 Rumble Stage. After RNG defeated the G2, ‘Uji’ said ‘Gala’ through a personal broadcast, “I think he is a very aggressive ranged dealer and a better player than me.” In addition, ‘Uji’ has now mentioned that there are more aggressive distant dealers than themselves, and that comparing ‘gala’ with the past is meaningless.

◎ Zenji, Overwatch Contenders Team Dismissal Notice
-Jenji delivered the dismantling of the Overwatch Contenders team. It was announced on the 25th through the official team SNS. The Zenji Overwatch Contenders team won the runner-up in Gauntlet Asia in 2020, but has fallen since. Meanwhile, Seoul Dynasty, the Overwatch League game team in Zenji, continues. Seoul Dynasty is cruising in the 2022 Overwatch League.

** ◎ ‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk, his 6th anniversary of his debut, the subway history advertisement.
-The fans of ‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk held an advertisement inside the station of Gangnam-gu Office to commemorate his 6th anniversary of his debut, and visited ‘Ruler’ and left a certification shot. Zenji uploaded the photo on the official SNS. Fans’ outdoor or subway station advertisements to celebrate pro-gamer’s birthday and debut are often progressed after T1 ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk.

◎ Nongshim Red Force with fan meetings, certification shots
-The Nongshim Red Force had an offline meeting with fans. On the official SNS, a certification shot with the audience was released on the official SNS. Nongshim Red Force said it will upload the full video of the day on June 2 and the highlight video to the official YouTube on June 9th.

◎ Live Sand Box ‘Closer-Prince’ Professional Baseball Team & Sita Experience

-Last 28th, Live Sandbox’s Closer-Prince came out as a Shigu and a theater to pray for the Lotte Giants victory. On the official team SNS, two players who visited Busan Sajik Stadium uploaded a picture of Lotte Giants ‘learning from Seo Joon-won and wearing Lotte Giants’ uniforms.

◎ DRX ‘Kinggen-Mark’ Meet with ‘Pin-Mickey X’ of Europe Excel
-DRX’s ‘Kinggen’ and ‘Mark’ met in Hongdae with ‘Pin-Mickey X’, a European Excel. DRX uploaded them to the official SNS. They spent time eating meat together, taking pictures of groups and friendship. Excel players had time with the Zenji CL team last week.

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