Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: Rumor: Developer

An anonymous developer who is supposed to work on various projects at Activision has had some information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, mostly to game mode DMZ and the state of development.

The abbreviation DMZ usually means demilitarized zone and describes a safe place between two areas. According to rumors, this game mode will be similar to Rainbow Six Extraction. Accordingly, it could be a hostage of AI-controlled opponents.

The following information was announced by the alleged employee:

* DMZ Maps will have different ‘biomes’, this term has been used more often recently and describes different geographic properties on a map, e.g. a desert region next to a city.
* 20-35 players
* DMZ gets a lot of inspiration at Escape from Tarkov, with less clumsiness. The weapon attachments, ammunition types and armor could therefore be decisive.
* There will be a weather system, including day/night cycle and modular areas on the map for dynamic gameplay.
* The weapon smithy is improved. The weapon adjustment should now also be possible in the game with a push of a button.
* A lot of resources are invested in this mode, as many as in the multiplayer.

Last but not least, the anonymous employee still reports that the Crunch (the revision) is currently high despite the passion of the teams and that they will emerge after the steam is published. The reason for this is probably many short -term decisions. It is also mentioned that the graphic will not make any serious jumps and that the last consolation generation is probably to blame. Of course, this is a subjective assessment of the employee and everyone has to decide for themselves.

In order to testify to his authenticity, the employee has published a video that, according to his statement, is used for an internal presentation. However, this video has already been exposed as a fake:

How many of this information actually exist until the publication will show the time. As soon as there are official reports, you will find out with us.

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