Fan art, which has a rich 3D -converted forest of Tokiwa Forest of Pokemon, attract fans around the world. Introducing the early Pikachu also appeared

A gameplay -style video that enriches Tokiwa Forest (Tokiwa Mori), which is an area in the first generation “ Pokemon “, seems to captivate Pokemon fans around the world. The video introduced in this article is just a fan art. It should be noted because the creator is also careful to say, “Please refrain from reprinting only images to avoid misunderstanding.”

“Pokemon Red / Green” is the starting point of the Pokemon series released for Game Boy in 1996. Set in the Canto region, the protagonist’s adventure from Masala Town is drawn. Later, a “Blue” version, which has been partially changed by how to obtain Pokemon and graphics, will be released. Furthermore, as in the anime version, the Pikachu version, which can be taken with Pikachu as a partner, was released. These first works have been sold as a virtual console for Nintendo 3DS since 2016.

There are some titles that remake and rebuild the first work. First, in 2004, “Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green”, a remake of “Red and Green”, was released for Game Boy Advance. In 2018, for Nintendo Switch, “Pokaachu Let’s Go! Pikachu Let’s Go! Eevee” based on the Pikachu version has been released. In the latter, it was possible to adventure in the Canto region, which was reconstructed in 3D.

As described above, the first “Pocket Monster” has been remake and rebuilt twice. And this time, it seems that a further 3D reproduction of the first work was produced as a fan art with enthusiasm. An account called “Pokemon space -time distortion researcher” has posted a game play style video that has a 3D of Tokiwa Forest in the first work.

3D Tokiwa Forest, which is said to be “born by space -time distortion”. It is worth noting that the color that expresses the image of the initial work. In the initial work, the drawing of the actual game screen was monochrome. However, the watercolor -style colored color, such as packages and “Pokemon card games”, will be strong as the “color” of “Pokemon”. The 3D Tokiwa Forest Video depicts a lively Tokiwa forest that matches such a coloring image. Also note that Pikachu is reproduced in a round body shape like an early work. In addition, when “Mushitori Shonen” is going to compete, there is also a special expression of a small monster ball in the insect basket. It seems that the details are carefully built.

And this full -fledged fan art seems to be a great response from Pokemon fans around the world. The posting has gathered approximately 38,000 retweets and about 160,000 likes at the time of the writing. There are many fans’ voices such as “What a faithful 3D conversion! I want such a Pokemon game” and “#BringBackthicCachu (return fat)”. Some users imagine the first -generation design Golbat flying around. Combined with the Nintendo Switch -style UI in the video, the imagination of the fans may be further stirred.

This video is “Tokiwa no Mori”, and the faithful 3D reproduction of the Canto region may be posted. In the past, the creator, “Pokemon Space -Time Distortion Researcher”, has also posted fan art as if the Pokemon and trainer of “Sword Shield” appeared in “Pokemon Stadium 2” in Nintendo 64. are doing. Since the creator’s Instagram account is “We Create Fan Art”, it is likely that these works are created by multiple Pokemon fans. In the future, what kind of works will we show us in the “Pokemon world space -time distortion”?

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