How the BVB and Gladbach put the clock back

Back to the Future. What once worked should and must succeed in BVB and Gladbach. This weekend, old acquaintances could be presented as a trainer at both Borussia: Edin Terzic at BVB and Lucien Favre in Gladbach.

With a delay of a year, this development ultimately triggered a serious decision by Marco Rose, who in retrospect left several losers: Rose himself, his colleague Adi Hütter, certainly also Max Eberl, the responsible persons at Borussia Dortmund, himself Matthias Ginter and entirely Certainly both clubs.

Of course, it is speculative how the past season would have gone, Rose would have decided in early 2021 to fulfill his contract, which was only signed in Gladbach in 2019 and not to switch to BVB prematurely.

Most likely, both clubs would be there differently and would possibly be happier.

Edin Terzic should take over at BVB

After the ultimately surprising and somewhat questionable decision of the BVB superiors around club boss Hans-Joachim Watzke to separate himself from Rose again after just one season as vice champion, Terzic is now supposed to help again. Only a matter of form is that the 39-year-old will shortly give his approval to return to the head coaching post of Dortmund.

As early as December 2020, the original borus from the Sauerland helped – at that time still an interim solution after the separation of Favre, which was viewed much more critically at the Westphalian Borussia than in his first term in the Rhenish from 2011 to 2015.

After a bumpy start at the time, Terzic did not quite stick to the script of the BVB bosses, which had long been determined to get Rose in Gladbach for the fixed transfer of five million euros. Terzic led Dortmund to a brilliant season of the season, which ended in the DFB Cup victory and in the hearts of the fans.

Afterwards he was rested on the newly created post of the technical director because of rose. It was a problem for his successor, as it turned out. “From the first moment on, this undermined Marco Rose,” said Sky expert Dietmar Hamann in retrospect “the absolutely incomprehensible decision to keep an Edin Terzic in the club”.

Borussia M - Borussia D. BL-1977/78 (12-0)

BVB: Good in the league, embarrassed in the cups

In the league, the bottom line ended with second place. In the cup competitions, however, the balance was embarrassing. The defending champion left the DFB Cup in the round of 16 against the second division club St. Pauli. In the Champions League there was preliminary round in a feasible group and also in the Europa League was surprisingly against the later finalist Glasgow Rangers.

The confident rose was apparently so hit by the force of criticism of him that the season analysis on Thursday was a dynamic that culminated in the separation. Rose could have known what he got into when he moved on from Lower Rhine to Dortmund. Since the BVB-Liehsuchts-coach Jürgen Klopp went, coaches have been worn out there almost every year.

The criticism there was and is also much more violent than in Gladbach under the then clubs director Eberl. Even before Rose’s announced change, there was also setbacks on the Lower Rhine, which Eberl had always modernized in the endeavor to shape a new successful era with Rose. Roses still makes the decision to shake his head in Mönchengladbach today.

Marco Rose caused a lot of disappointment in Gladbach

“Marco Rose had deceived us. He had disappointed us. He chose his own career and against the joint project previously believed to be thousands of. He simply promised too much and delivered too little Sent us in one and a half difficult years and whose shards we are still tingling today, “the” FPMG Supporters Club ” – the umbrella organization of organized Gladbach fans – cited on Friday.

Due to Roses departure, Eberl, Gladbach’s player and the entire club emotionally fell into a valley, which ultimately failed Roses successor Hütter. Eberl even left the strength, which is why he left his heart club at the beginning of the year. Even national player Ginter, who returns to his home club SC Freiburg after the season free of charge, recently expressed the assumption in the podcastetet: “If Rose had remained, it would have been different.”

The founded club, which was shaken by the departures of Rose and Eberl, stirred with Hütter since his worst season since 2011. At that time Lucien Favre had saved the Borussia from relegation, kissed awake and led as a Bundesliga top club in a decade.
His job as a likely successor to Hütter is now different than at that time, but the same as with Terzic in Dortmund: the club leads back to the roots of the past, successful years and the Borussen souls.

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