Sony San Diego continues to absorb the talent of naughty dogs

Naughty Dog may have separated from the franchise that put them on the map, but that does not mean that Uncharted is dead and left. Obviously, there is the next film to think, but even the games may not remain inactive longer. In recent years, Sony has set up a new owner studio in San Diego, and the future of the Uncharted series will be in their hands. All the dates are provisional at this stage, but the estimates indicate that we can expect to hear from the studio talk about their current project (s) in about eighteen months. And they work clearly on something, because they always add as many talents to their team as possible. One of the most recent additions is the artist of the environment Naughty Dog Zak Oliver, who recently worked on the last of us: Part 2. He will serve as the main artist of the environment on A project currently not announced.

An unexplored suite? A spin-off? Something completely different? We don’t know and look forward to knowing it.

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The inexplore the franchise is one of Sony’s greatest family supporters, and many have wondered what they would do with the property once Naughty Dog has moved to different things. Creating a new team near the Visual Arts Services Group, the company’s flagship motion capture studio, has a lot of sense. And we don’t say that simply because we want a new Uncharted. Related job offers indicate that candidates must have a “penchant” for third -person action games. In addition, VASG will work in “collaboration” with a “large Sony development studio”. This seems suspicious to us, especially since new research reveals that at least a PlayStation employee in the San Diego region has worked with Naughty Dog on an unexpected game.”PlayStation Visual Arts has a new game development team in partnership with a large Sony studio.” _

Since then, Vasg has continued to add staff. Do they prepare PlayStation 5 exclusivity? We will have to wait and discover.

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