Seoul Hoseo College, if you want to make a game, come here

At this year’s Play Expo site, I could find a lot of participation in school. I was able to explore the works of students who participated in various schools, including Korean Game Science High School, Gyeonggi Game Meister High School, and Kwangwoon University Game Programming. The schools are all different, but all the works showed a pretty high quality. Since only a few works selected through carefully carefully selected processes in various student works, the works of the students who are in full swing did not show the quality of falling like an amateur work.

Among the schools, I have a booth from the Seoul Hoseo College of Game School. This is because it was the only school that prepared a demonstration booth with a VR environment with a vive pro headset and a tracker with a VR environment.

It was a great welcome to make VR games, which are decreasing, and to continue to maintain, and to continue to maintain. As the development of ‘VR Game’ has been somewhat withered according to the trend focused on ‘methus’ technology, the Seoul Hoseo College is teaching students with the curriculum. I saw it.

Q. What is the ‘Seoul Hoseo College Game School’?

\ -The school is a school that teaches students about game development. It teaches mainly planning, production and directing. It is also important to subdivide each major, but all three courses gather together to actually make ‘making games’ as an important value. The school itself was opened in 1993, and the curriculum related to game development was opened in 2006.

Q. If you have a well -known work, please introduce.

\ -The mobile game ‘Magic War for Kakao’, which was released in 2015, is the most representative work. This work is more meaningful because it was developed by researchers at Seoul Hoseo College and worked together with the students participating in the test. In addition, the horror escape VR game ‘Epax’, which was released through Smilegate Stove, is also developed by the students of the Seoul Hoseo College. Since then, the works created by the students will be officially released through various platforms such as Stov.

Q. Three of the four exhibits of this event are VR games. Is there a curriculum that teaches VR games on campus?

In the first and second grades, basic education is provided through PC and mobile game-based curriculum. There are also practical lectures every Saturday. VR and AR game -related classes can be completed from the third grade. In fact, school does not force the development of a specific platform game or limit the platform. The important thing is to see how students want to make the game. As an educator, we are closely checking whether the student has the ability to make the game, and if he wants to lack his capacity, he can challenge other platforms.

Q. Since the launch of Meta Quest 2, the penetration rate of VR devices has increased dramatically, but the image of non -mainstream is still laid throughout society. Is there a special reason for continuing support for VR game development in this perception?

\ -As you introduced earlier, ‘You have to do this platform’, there is nothing to force you to do this platform. The platform is determined in the process of planning and thinking about what kind of game the students will team up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be VR. However, if students decide to make a ‘VR game’, they support relevant equipment and assets so that there is no inconvenience in the development process. In addition, if you have an application to use new equipment, you will not be able to support it.

I think there is only a time when you can freely make a game you want to make. As long as I came to school to make a game, I tell you to enjoy this time freely. I think this is why there is a Seoul Hoseo College.

Q. As long as the VR -related curriculum exists, it would not have been possible to ignore the ‘methus’ keyword. What kind of education is there in the current school?

– ‘Methabus’ is still unclear what kind of educational direction to students. When mobile, PC, and VR games were attracting attention, I was very likely to jump in, but Meta Bus was cautious. I think it’s time to watch the market flow and flowing. So that you can further reinforce the relevant educational curriculum. In the future, the concept of these things will be clear, and when students are willing to learn, they will have a curriculum and start in earnest.

Q. In addition to VR, I wonder what kind of curriculum that students can complete at school.

\ -The main work related to game development is the main. On the platform you want to develop, you have a curriculum and equipment to provide all the opportunities you need to create a game you want to make. VR equipment had a lot of investment at the time of the ‘VR boom’ and a lot of equipment. Of course, you can see that there is a development environment so that students can produce ‘output’.

** Q. Is there anything that says, ‘It is good for these people to come to Seoul Hoseo College?’

– In fact, a wide variety of students are knocking on the door of the Seoul Hoseo College. There are various people, and among them, people who have entered the game development without any prior knowledge with the pure passion of ‘I really want to make my game’ are the biggest growth. Those who want to make a game properly and want to inform other users who want to inform the game I have made are like a chimney, but I don’t find a good way to find a good talent for Seoul Hoseo School.

Q. Recently, it has been a bit soft, but for a long time, the corona seems to have had a lot of difficulties in the curriculum. How did you take the class at the time?

-Even at the most deepest time of Corona, we were grateful to be able to conduct offline classes all the time. Of course, I had a thorough guideline by organizing TFTs at school. The students also kept their personal defense, so it was possible to continue safe classes without any problems. It would be comfortable to be a non -face -to -face, but I think it was better to learn about the practice of game development.

Q. Is there a desire goal to achieve in this ‘Play Expo 2022’ exhibition?

\ -The work from the Seoul Hoseo College at the Play Expo last year received the Excellence Award. However, I remember that the event was canceled because of corona, and I was disappointed. This year, offline events were held successfully, and there was a chance to meet users.

At offline events, students can also be motivated to develop game development, and test them in advance how much they have come. Through this opportunity that students came, I hope to compare their games with their own games, and to have some completeness to feel that they will be competitive.

Q. Seoul Hoseo College, what kind of strength is it for those who want to learn the game?

College Kings - Act I Прохождение / День 1

– hello. I am Kim Doo -han who participated as a representative of Seoul Hoseo College. Perhaps the best thing is that there are a lot of equipment. There is enough opportunity to experience various platforms in the game development process, and the feedback when you make a request is really fast. In addition to the equipment, if you say, ‘I don’t know because this part is a little blocked?’ You can get quick feedback by linking the related professors how you can get the answer to the question. I think this is a realist that cannot be ignored.

In addition, since the faculty itself is in practice, there are many latest information. I’m learning on -site knowledge, not old knowledge of textbooks. In addition, if I want to participate in any offline event like this play Expo, I think that there is a great environment for learning practices because it supports various fields to participate in the event.

Q. I think it’s a prepared comment. At the same time, it seems to be a bit unfortunate.

\ -There is a framework for each professor, and tends to not break the frame. In addition, I think that some of the mandatory subjects teaching when a freshman from the first and second grades come to school is not enough to persuade ‘why it is necessary for the development of the game.’ Later, even though I thought, ‘Oh, I am very glad to learn this at first,’ you may not understand this at first. I think it would be nice if students learned what they learned and what would be helpful.

** Q. New developers and students who dream of the future of game developers and are interested in Seoul Hoseo College.

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