Amouranth reveals what disgusting fan

The 28-year-old Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is probably known for most of them because of their hot tub streams. In the past, she has repeatedly redefined the meta on the streaming platform, so she even earned a fortune in her sleep. After Amouranth recently announced that she will withdraw from the ONLYFANS platform, she has now published what disgusting “fan” messages will receive her every day.

The comments from Amouranth’s “fans” are again

In a YouTube video , she now opened the reasons why she will leave ONLYFANS, the “icing on the cake” are the attacking comments that she received regularly. Although the 26-year-old does not respond to the news on any of her social media platforms, it does not prevent fans from bothering them constantly. The comments range from absurd to sexual attack and were commented on by the streamer in the video.

I spent a day with AMOURANTH
So she asked a user how her breasts became so big. Then she replied that you do sports with you and that she regularly lift weights with her cleavage. Amouranth also showed her a Twitter user for months “Guess What?” wrote. “I ask me, what happens when I with ‘what?’ Replied “ considered. However, according to their own information, the most disgusting news comes from old men who ask for pictures or ask them to become intimate with them.

Who are the people behind such news?

When it comes to who is hiding behind the username, Amouranth has a very clear theory.”In the summer, spring or autumn holidays, it is probably young people because they have anime profile pictures and whenever that is the case, they are particularly toxic,” she said.”At any other time a year it is [baby] boomer. So only men who look like they were 60, 70 or 80 years old. I find that very interesting.” _

While it is not exactly clear what people hope for by sending such disgusting news, Amouranth can only be hoped that you will be more and more saved in the future by ending your career as an e-girl and at best completely from yours Mailbox disappear.

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