Activision Blizzard is sued by New York

In what may sound like a dejà vu, Activision Blizzard faces a new demand. On this occasion, the retirement system of New York City employees has begun the legal process against Bobby Kotick, CEO of the video game company, pointing out that the Executive “was not suitable” to sell the company to Microsoft .

Together with the other demands, accusations of abuse, attempts for unionization and investigations by the United States government, the new demand is positioned as a danger that could end Microsoft’s purchase. On this occasion, the retirement system of New York City employees alleges that Bobby Kotick hastened to sign the agreement with Microsoft to escape the responsibility for its inappropriate behavior at work.

The group has activation actions and believes that the measures taken by the company have devalued it. New York City is requesting documents based on the Microsoft Agreement, The internal management of the company’s misconduct and more . Along with this, it is mentioned that Kotick “was not suitable” to negotiate an agreement with Microsoft due to all accusations and this was seen as a way of “escaping his responsibility”.

As if that were not enough, it is also claimed that Microsoft undervalued Activision Blizzard. Currently, there is no response from Microsoft or Activision. In the same way, This demand could be the great obstacle that I put an end to this purchase , or only one more inconvenience that will simply be moved, and the transaction is still going.

In related issues, Activision Blizzard reports large user falls. Similarly, company investors have approved the purchase by Microsoft.

Editor’s note:

New York City is SUING Activision Blizzard ????
Another demand will not stop the purchase of Blizzard Activision. Everything is going so that next year this transaction is a complete reality. However, if Xbox and Microsoft want to fix this problem as soon as possible, they need to get away from Bobby Kotick, this regardless of how many millions cost them.

Way: Axios

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