The Elder Scrolls: Skyrims ancestors are free on Steam

It seems that the closure of the Bethesda Launcher is synonymous with free… Indeed, many classics from the American studio are now available for free on Steam.

The old Elder Scrolls are free

As announced on April 14, the closure of the Bethesda Launcher will lead to the migration of the firm’s cult games on Steam. Besides, it is today that this famous migration begins since many classics have made a comeback on the valve platform. For the occasion, certain productions, however iconic, become free.

How To Get The Original Skyrim On Steam +DLCS
Indeed, Bethesda took advantage of this movement to make the first two Elder Scrolls free. More precisely, it is The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Two RPGs which were ahead of their time by notably offering cards to the huge playground.

To telechage the Elder Scrolls: Arena, just go here. And to add The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall to your Steam library, click on this link.

An additional surprise on the program

That’s not all, after Arena and Daggerfall, also note that the classic Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the multiplayer experience drawn from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, also returns to the valve platform. Obviously, the title, whose source code has been free since 2010, is also free. It allows fans of the saga to dive into the Second World War alongside the famous soldier William J. Blazkowicz to play two -playing team games. Some control the axis and others the allies. The steam link is available here.

Note at the same time that the iconic Return to Castle Wolfenstein is currently available at a price of € 4.99.

As a reminder, the Bethesda Launcher will close its doors on May 11. From this date, you will have to go to another platform to play your games bought on the Bethesda Launcher.

Wolfenstein live gaming: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Gaming Live

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